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Friday, September 28, 2007

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Damn video game and it's addictive attributes!! Bear is having a "haloathon" which basically means him and his friend are gonna veg out on the couch playing this damn game all day and I know what video games can do to you!!

My brother is a gamer so BELIEVE me I know!! They won't eat, sleep, talk to you, bathe until they finish the level get to a saving point. How sad!! Dont get me wrong there's nothing wrong with games I am a pc gamer myself, I'm more into games like The Sims, and Civilization....each person chooses their own poison...but GODDAMN I won't have my Bear because he's playing Halo 3 on a big screen!!

So to make me feel better and so I won't think about him we agreed that he give me money so I can pamper myself and he can have the day so he can play with his friends....he's such a big baby...

But he's MY big baby!!

Who needs a life!! I will create an online protest for this game if he begins to show Gamer like symptoms....until then I will pamper myself with life's material jewels!!
Bye!! I'm going to get my nails done!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Young thug on cell: ain't nobody tryna pay that much to get his dumbass out....(pause) but for $150,000 his dumbass can stay right in that cell!!
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Man looks at city council flyer: fuck city council (throws flyer) motherfuckers ain't do shit for me no way!

Overheard on #1 bus going the Hell home!!
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{Overheard Foolishness in Baltimore: #1}

Black guy #1 looking at new building: damn that's a lot of windows!

black guy #2: hell yeah I'm waiting for somebody to take a brick to them....imma bust the shit out of them

Black guy #1: hell yea that's gonna be the shit

Friday, September 21, 2007

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I will NEVER fall asleep in public, let alone on public transportation!! First of all I'm cute....hell I'm gorgeous, so guys bother me already. So putting myself in a vulnerable position isn't wise!

2 minutes ago this man was wide awake, now he's knocked the hell out!! I guess he doesnt feel he has much to lose, if he's that comfortable sitting there.

I dont see him getting molested but I do forsee him getting robbed. If anyone tried to rob me first of all they would get the beating of their life!

Second they would be mad as hell because I'm broke! I dont have no money....on cash anyways
so they would receive an ass whooping and get nothing out of it....

Moral of this story, always stay alert...especially when you're on the Baltimore metro, because someone will touch you.

Monday, September 17, 2007

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All you gotta do is walk away and pass me by, don't acknowledge my smile...when i try to say hello to you

And all you gotta do is not answer my call when I'm tryna get through, keep me wondering why, when all I can do is sigh...

I just wanna touch and kiss, feel I wish that I could be with you give me butterflies

My infatuation goes beyond mere teen crush, I can taste you when I think about you, theres no bitterness in your love, it's a mere blessing for me...

i reminiscence on our intimate moments where tongues intertwined and hearts beat to our own rhythm...

Walking down seperate paths in life and still our roads meet its like it was....meant to be....but still i dont get my hopes up too high where i might lose sense of my life, my goals, lose touch with reality...if love makes me question me, how honest is it? how real is it?

If love makes me obsessed how dangerous is it? Should I really care?

You taste me with an experienced tongue and guide us both to our own ecstasies, which become one... we become one, unity is imperative in our search for love, our creation of love, our survival and endurance of taste so pure...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

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I can remember stories, most things my mother said, she told me fairy tales before I went to bed,

She spoke of happy endings and tucked me in real tight, she turned my night light off and kissed my face goodnight,

My mind was filled with visions of perfect paradise, she told me everything,she said he'd be so nice,

He'd ride up on his horse and take me away one night, I'd be so happy with him, we'd ride out of sight,

She never said that we would curse, cry, scream and lie, she never said that maybe, someday he'd say goodbye,

The story ends as stories ends, as stories do, reality steps into view, no longer living a lie in paradise, no fairy tales...

She spoke about happy endings, of stories not like this, she said he'd slay all dragons, defeat this evil prince,she said he'd come to save me, swim through the stormy seas, I'd understand the stories, it would begin for me,

YOU never came to save me, you let me stand ALONE, out in the wilderness, alone in the COLD,

The story ends, as stories do, reality steps into view, no longer living lies, in paradise, no fairy tales...

YOU never came to save me, you let me stand ALONE, out in this wilderness, alone in the COLD,

I found the magic potion, no horse with wings to fly, I found that poison apple, my destiny I've got to die, you never came to save me with a magic spell to spin,

My fantasy is over, my life must now begin, the story ends, as stories do, reality steps into view, no longer living lies in paradise, no fairy tales....

Friday, September 14, 2007

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I cant seem to taste the love, and touch the air, smell the laughs and see the aromas like i used to... the "big city" aint so big to more

It's in walking distance to the farm if you ask me (the funny farm, that is), but you dont, so I wont, tell you about all the advantages i have and look for the beauty in the little things that are overlooked by brainwashed, shallow minded society, molded by opinions and thoughts of the media and anyone with a megaphone...

In my bathroom there is a window, that provides a gorgeous view of the side of an abandoned house, (note the heavy use of sarcasm),however there is a bush that grows on the corner of the roof, it sprouts beautiful lavender flowers....

I found some beauty in the loveless city, I add beauty to this city...but dont take me for cocky, my confidence grows uncontrollably at usually does this after I've been broken down...

I make it a duty to build myself up, make ME strong again, you gotta love yourself because if you dont, I dont see why anyone else would

Theres a national race going on...did you know? Theyre tryna build up their numbers fast, apparently they want a medal for it or something...but they'll never get my applause!! What race do you ask?

Baltimore is in the lead for the most murders in a year, these are not numbers to be proud of, nor jump for joy... the youth think it's cute to fight, curse, have sex at random...oh what a lovely generation they will grow up to be!!

Oh what a loveless city I live in...I try to find the beauty but sometimes it seems impossible...
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