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Friday, September 28, 2007

On 3:25 PM by KiAnna   1 comment

Damn video game and it's addictive attributes!! Bear is having a "haloathon" which basically means him and his friend are gonna veg out on the couch playing this damn game all day and I know what video games can do to you!!

My brother is a gamer so BELIEVE me I know!! They won't eat, sleep, talk to you, bathe until they finish the level get to a saving point. How sad!! Dont get me wrong there's nothing wrong with games I am a pc gamer myself, I'm more into games like The Sims, and Civilization....each person chooses their own poison...but GODDAMN I won't have my Bear because he's playing Halo 3 on a big screen!!

So to make me feel better and so I won't think about him we agreed that he give me money so I can pamper myself and he can have the day so he can play with his friends....he's such a big baby...

But he's MY big baby!!

Who needs a life!! I will create an online protest for this game if he begins to show Gamer like symptoms....until then I will pamper myself with life's material jewels!!
Bye!! I'm going to get my nails done!!

1 comment:

  1. I know extacty what you mean he will not put that dang controller down and hes already on the highest level plays for a least 6hrs a day and night it drives me mad so i go up staies and watch tv but still get mad at him but i know its additing myself i like games too but not like that is there any thing us women can do


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