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Friday, September 21, 2007

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I will NEVER fall asleep in public, let alone on public transportation!! First of all I'm cute....hell I'm gorgeous, so guys bother me already. So putting myself in a vulnerable position isn't wise!

2 minutes ago this man was wide awake, now he's knocked the hell out!! I guess he doesnt feel he has much to lose, if he's that comfortable sitting there.

I dont see him getting molested but I do forsee him getting robbed. If anyone tried to rob me first of all they would get the beating of their life!

Second they would be mad as hell because I'm broke! I dont have no money....on cash anyways
so they would receive an ass whooping and get nothing out of it....

Moral of this story, always stay alert...especially when you're on the Baltimore metro, because someone will touch you.


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