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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Picture it....

Oct. 30, 2007, I'm minding my own business at the bus stop (too broke for a whip) eating my chips, and a highly unattractive figure rises from the depths of a bus shelter....

He looks like he lives in a shelter and smells like it also.... he's between 40 and 50 years of age and dirty.... I turn around and BAM!! this muhf*cka is a foot away from my face just-a-smiling.... ewwww
Before he comes out with his obviously ineffective line I say in my adopted brooklyn accent (Thanks to Monica...Shout out to Brownsville Brooklyn!) "Yo give me two feet, back up!"

And would you believe it... he got if it's perfectly acceptable to walk all up on a stranger and expect hugs and kisses.... he repeatedly said to me while tryna attach a broken cigarette back together "What's the problem? What's wrong"

....and here's the line that immediately "eliminated" my protective defense.... "It's not like I'm gonna rape you." (said with a smile)


OMG he must want to die today! ....and his attitude continues: "what! you think you ALL OF THAT?!" (looking me up and down like i him)

I reply, "I don't want you all up on me so back up! I dont know you!"

Mr. Stinky's rebuttal," So you mean to tell me if you get on the bus and a man sits down next to you, you gonna tell him to get up...." I never heard the rest cause I just walked off on his ass... wasnt worth arguing....

For some reason he thought he had the "moxy" it took to woo me.....


Tha would require a bath and car cause I'm already riding the man needs a car otherwise we some stranded muhf*ckas... anyways

So then his equally unattractive friend decides to take a "stab at it"... He's about the same age, same dirtiness, same terrible lines, but at least he gave me my respected space....

He proceeds to tell me how he "takes care of his ladies" and how beautiful I am...yea yea yea
he basically bores me and ignores me when I tell him I'm not interested, So I pulled a fast one....

Whipped out the phone, which didnt ring, tell him to hold on.... and proceed to have an elaborate conversation with NO ONE, who I tell I love them dearly and I'm coming to see them soon.

This fool asks when I "get off the phone"

"So you love him, i could love you too!"

I said.... "Well it was nice meeting you...goodbye"

as he continues to mumble about how beautiful I am and the wonderful future we could have together.....

They really think that the lady has to look good but it's ok for them to look like slobs, being smelly and ignorant are ok, but as soon as someone tells them to get the hell away from them...they wanna fight

people are crazy.... and men are in denial


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