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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On 5:38 AM by KiAnna   1 comment

So I'm lying on my friends futon which I've turned into a bed, because
frankly....I'm sick of sharing her air mattress with her. But N E
ways... the futon lies directly beneath her window in her studio
apartment. It's about 4:30 am and I am WIDE awake due to boredom,
horniness, and pure misery cause I miss a certain someone.... while I
lie and mope about this and that there is this FREAKIN car alarm going
off.....for damn near 45 minutes!!!

I swear I got so mad, I threw my water bottle at the car...that's right
I DID IT!! Water bottle... at the car...yea it was empty but I THREW
IT!! Cause I'm gangsta, and don't take no mess!! YO! Doesn't matter to
me that it didn't land anywhere near the car, I threw it!!

*back in bed/futon*

I turn on the mp3 player to drown out the tackiest car alarm I've ever
heard in my some drunk fool fell asleep on his horn...

*listening to Janet Jackson - Can't be good for like the 34th

I take off my head phones because now I'm SICK of Janet and want to see
if someone finally shut up the frigging Olds Mobile out front. And thank
(insert whatever God or higher power you serve here) someone got off of
their ass and turned that damn noise off!!

As soon as I begin feeling victorious in my bottle throwing, I look up
and a BIG ASS shadow goes across my window!!


1) We are on the first floor...I'm 5'2" and I can step into the
apartment via window, so I KNOW anyone else can

2) Two females and a cat occupy this space (and the owner said she will
run as I beat the assailant with her empty Arbor Mist bottle and the
DECLAWED cat freaks the hell out and runs around the room

3) It's 4 in the frigging morning and muthaf***k*s are going behind
bushes to reach our window...BIG BUSHES, its not like our window is
easily accessed but after you fight the trimmings you're a footstep away
from me...not cool

4) I'm right beside the window...well under it to be the
bandit would come through the window and step all over me and I'm too
sessy to get my face stepped on...

5) WTH does anyone want with OUR apartment of ALL places? Srsly...the
area is nice and all..yea there are $900,000 dollar houses less than a
block away from us why come here?...COME ON MAN! You're robbing poor
people! You need to go up the street and find a nice old couple because
you'll be mad as hell coming up in hea..

Especially because these Arbor Mist bottles are thick! And I will NOT
hesitate to crack it over any fools head that tries to enter... I am NOT
GOING without a FIGHT!! I will put up the best fight, and shall win
because I have too much to live for, I still need to buy my Maltese
puppies, and have my children and marry a certain someone, etc.

I'm exhausted now...its 5:30..if the fool wanted to do something with me
would have done it by now....and I keep almost dropping my sidekick in
which I post my I shall sleep...

1 comment:

  1. Damn I saw that picture in the banner and damn near fell in love.



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