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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On 1:09 PM by KiAnna   2 comments

As we defy the laws of gravity I have to wonder... when will it fail?
I mean I am over 10,000 feet above ground right now in a machine that weighs several TONS, and yet some people are sleeping. Sleeping symbolizes a level of comfort, but when you think about it, should they really feel comfortable?

I have no fear of flying, I travel far too much for that to even balance out, however I am a realist and realistically thinking about my current situation makes me think of the good and bad and the bad is, as questioned in the beginning, When will it fail?

Let's think of this on an even grander scale, and consider when will things we do in our daily life cease to function properly? Are we prepared for the confusion and chaos it very well may cause us? Am I?

I'm always ready to die, honestly. Sounds morbid I know, but I am DEFYING the FREAKIN LAWS of GRAVITY right now, and if this man made device ceases to function properly I have to be prepared. I AM taking a chance with my life, after all. But, let's not just label airplanes as death devices, even cars, bicycles, stepping in or out of your own home presents the same fatal possibilities.

Have you ever heard the stories people tell of dead loved ones? The typical story that, "He worked hard ALL his life, was honest, good,etc. But never really got to enjoy himself, he died never really fulfilling many of his desires."
How sad is that?!!

You work hard and endure the STRESS that comes with the work force, struggle to make an honest living and before you die you ask yourself, "Have I lived my life to the fullest? Am I truly fulfilled? Can I honestly say I lived my life for me and actually did enjoy the (small or big) moments that left a smile on my face and an impression in my heart?"

And most of you can honestly say, no.

Depressing when you put it all into perspective, but that depression is simply you realizing how short life is, and that in the end, it's only with yourself. Do you see why I asked when will it all fail? I have a tendency to question things I can't clearly see in front of me and the possibility of things is always intriguing to me. Even if that possibility is a sad thought, it's still realistic. I say, FACE YOUR FEARS DAMMIT! FACE EM!
It's a lot easier than hiding from them b/c you're not even truly hiding, they consume your thoughts and affect you physically as well as mentally, how ridiculous is that when you can just solve your problem right then and there?!!

Death is only scary because it symbolizes the end. But you don't truly know when your end is, so of all things to stress over that shouldn't be one. And even more so it should ENCOURAGE you to LIVE your LIFE to the FULLEST! Why not. Or you could be the typical depressing story of the person that never truly explored their own mind and thoughts to figure out what truly made THEM happy. You should at least smile on the inside when it's all said and done.
So the possibility of things failing around me does not scare me, doesn't even slow down my pace, I'm always thinking of a back up plan, b/c my optimism outweighs my fears.

Most of the time your drama is mental. And that's no one's fault but your own.

YES, blame yourself! Accept responsibility. If you do that it'll be a lot easier to move on. It's people that are too immature to realize they are the source of their actions and not their friends, influences,etc that have more problems. True indeed these people may affect you but the end result is up to you. (Unless there's a gun to your head)

So hopefully it's all sinking in and you're putting things into perspective, hopefully you've gathered what I mentioned earlier about being ready to die. Because every time I board a plane to travel the globe I think about my life ending, b/c it very well CAN HAPPEN, and I ask myself,
Have I lived my life to the fullest? Am I truly fulfilled? Can I honestly say I lived my life for me and actually did enjoy the (small or big) moments that left a smile on my face and an impression in my heart?

And I can honestly answer, yes.

Can you?



    tht was pretty deep, anyhow ..i jst started a twitter, saw yu and decided to follow, hope yu'll be able to chck my site out ..thnkyu and the name is faith btw

  2. that was way deep sending to a lot of my family to read loved that shit light that shit pass that shit ty love


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