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Thursday, June 18, 2009

On 11:28 AM by KiAnna   7 comments
I'm not sure how to feel about this...

On one hand, I see a male who is CLEARLY stronger than the female he fought, slam her, and kick her and kept going back for more like his rage couldn't be controlled. While a bunch of able bodied TEENAGERS (this is why I didn't and still don't deal with people my own age) stood around either yelling, "She's a female!" Or breaking up the fight when they felt it went too far, but letting them get at each other!! They let them fight for entertainment purposes, what other point is there for fighting? I saw a female being attacked and victimized, assaulted,etc... by a BOY who CLEARLY has very little morals, and in reality could and SHOULD go to jail for the ASSAULT of that girl, by law he should have simply walked away b/c he can't justify his actions,or at least the extent he took them to.

Now on the OTHER hand, b/c you KNOW I have to look at both sides of the matter. I saw at the very beginning of the video, a girl pushing off people so she could get at the boy (who soon slammed her) to obviously attack him. So in a very LOGICAL way, she asked for it.
(If you disagree think of it this way, she was trying to fight another girl, seems less harmless nevertheless FOCUS on the fact that she was trying to attack someone and self defense does come into play)
This girl approached the young man and they began to tussle (I just wanted to use that word) so it all seems fair when you remove gender from the equation. I'm sure the video did not start at the beginning of the fight so I can't say who started it. But I can say they both played a MAJOR part in it.

Now the Muthafuggin CHILDREN standing around!? Seriously?

Why would they allow that to go on?

Would you?

It's so easy to say what you would or would not do, but if you saw a man beating on a woman right in front of you, would you help her?
Think of it that way, it's so easy for you to sit in front of a computer screen and say, "Of course I would help her!"
But your own safety, along with a bunch of other considerations must be acknowledged.
What if it was a MAN being beat on by a woman?
Most people would probably laugh and call him all types of pathetic...but is that fair?

If he were to hit that woman back he would be WRONG for it! Right?
That double standard is quite ridicuolous when you think about it. How illogical and unreasonable do you have to be to NOT see the similarities in both examples?
And just think, MOST people think this way...

And some wonder why I think most folks are stupid....

Remove the gender and ask yourself...
Would you help a PERSON IN NEED?


  1. WTFB?!!!?!!?! that boy need his a$S whipped by me (a MMA fighter) so i can show him how to really SLAM someone. . . . .Really, what have this world come to?

  2. uhm it depends cuz some females don't know how to keep their mouth closed. i seen many many boys?men trying to walk away from fights with females and the female keeps nagging hitting provoking the male. and when they SNAPS(the male) and beats the famale down. people look at him so bad and get angry with him(without even knowing the whole story). basically ppl know what they do. but on the other hand if a man just jumped on someone for no reason yeah i will help.
    luvly d

  3. Actually men/women have the right to talk as much shit as they want, you can't legally harm someone for running their mouth
    But if they touch someone then it's legal to fight back but the excuse
    "some females don't know how to keep their mouth closed."

    doesn't mean shit but a man or woman can't handle words and that's a bitch in my book

  4. The guy was definitely in the wrong. He knew he was stronger/bigger than that girl, even though she jumped in his face..he should pick on someone his own size and once the beat down began, someone should have stepped in and helped the stupid girl. I say she's stupid, because even though I don't condone her being attacked she provoked the guy..He knew he could take out his rage on her and that is definitely a bitch move in my opinion also. Who the fuck does that? Only bitches do..Karma will prevail. -Angel

  5. I think he should not have used that wrestling move on her, it looked excessive and pretty dangerous to me...

  6. that shit was dumb as hell i mean wtf dude...females do like to keep shit goin BUT he's a man...havent you heard the phrase "being a bigger man" just walk away..if she runs up n hit yu push her ass or hold her in a position that will stop her from hittin you BUT YOU SHOULD NEVER ACT LIKE HE ACTED IN DIS VIDEO!!!

  7. Some PEOPLE in general don't know when to let things go its those people who go to that extra level and start putting their hands on others and if in this case it was the woman who made that move first they were the ones who are the ones at fault. But I do think that if a woman puts her hands on a man he should A. walk away B. Get another girl to the rescue or C. Be agressive just enough so that she will stop or calm down. Don't pick her up and slam her like you would do another dude, thats just fucked up and its putting you down to the level of a female.


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