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Monday, July 27, 2009

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Boring News Version

Hilarious version

4Chan's popular forums, known for SCARRING PEOPLE FOR LIFE! Were blocked and I was SHOCKED! Not because I thought they were untouchable, but because it shows that AT&T don't know who they're messing with. I admire the intelligence of those that frequent the board. And I shake my head slowly, at what AT&T has done to themselves, EVEN if they had a legitimate reason for doing it, these are not the tolerant type.
They already started losing it online.

 But beyond ALL ELSE that happened, the fact that I saw this quote, made my day;
"First they came for the pedophiles, and I said nothing, for I was not a pedophile.
Then they came for the pirates, and I said nothing, because I knew the pirates would win.

Then they came for the youtube commenters, and I said nothing, because finally someone took care of those morons.

Then they came for me, and I was like 'Daaayum!"

- knight666 - Martin Niemöller

LMAOOO HILARIOUS idk what that's all about  but it was funny.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

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"There's one thing I want to say, so I'll be brave
You were what I wanted
I gave what I gave
I'm not sorry I met you
I'm not sorry it's over
I'm not sorry, there's nothing to say."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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This won't leave my brain so I MUST type....

Sheltered dogs: sounds like dogs that were comforted and taken care of and spoiled, sheltered implying they did not receive enough freedom

But if I said...

Dogs in a shelter: you might think of miserable, crying and howling dogs, in cages and dirty, not in a loving environment, sounds over crowded and noisy

Placing dogs in a place of shelter (Dogs in a shelter) came off as negative
While dogs being spoiled and pampered uses sheltered as a verb, an action word, was very positive.

So sheltered was the act, and dogs benefited.
However, dogs being IN a shelter, a noun, was quite a depressing thought....

shit I was going somewhere with this and lost it...


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YES there were actual crows on my head lol

Nature is amazing

Good thing I had on a WEAVE or his CLAWS would have TORN my SCALP!

Friday, July 24, 2009

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Tila Tequila has the cutest little shape, very toned and curvy, which I think is the best look for a lady...
or at least for me

SAFE FOR WORK (Unless a bra is too 'risque')

Check out her abs!
I need to do go jogging now.

She is so adorable

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Black Men these days act like going to jail gives them a right of passage, they walk around bragging about the time they spent having to wear the same outfit everyday, surrounded by men that either want to f*ck or kill them.
Showing off their illegal weapons, making dvds talking about your murders and drug trades, showing off tons of cash that can't be proven as legally earned,then wondering how they get caught and end up in jail

I don't want years of my life wasted in a cell!
That is not something to brag about, it's something to complain about and you really aren't that cool.

That's embarrassing.
The fact that TI only got two months in jail,is making a lot of men angry which is ridiculous to me, you should be happy that a black man is NOT staying in for long and wtf is he snitching on? You should not have been doing it if you feared that someone would tell OR you keep that sh*t to yourself and you have no problem.

I hate the words "I guess" , it's sooo rude to me, there's no confirmation when you say "I guess", seems more so like you have no opinion which is very annoying.

No Homo

Like saying that REALLY excludes you from the assumption that you are a homosexual,
 "homosexuality never occured to me until you just said that and now that I look at you..."

ppl that say no homo are immature

Little fact about me:

I moan erotically in my sleep,
I can't help it :(

Monday, July 20, 2009

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I will eventually put out a book that digs deeper into this subject.
However for the moment, I'll discuss confident women and what they do keep it that way.
Yes, many ABUSE that ability and become quite arrogant and disrespectful, but keep in mind, those particular people don't have BALANCE, they lose their grip on reality and find themselves feeling more superior than they actually are.
Regardless of the fools, building yourself up and making YOU feel great about YOU is a GOOD THING.
Making oneself feel beautiful is a positive that many resent, mainly because they are not the ones indulging themselves and are merely observing. Why is it that people don't want to hear others complain about their lives, yet are quite disgusted at those that are content?


If they don't like themselves, they REALLY won't encourage you to grow as a person, if anything they'll try to slow you down and worse yet, KEEP you down. It's not that hard to spot an insecure, jealous person, they surround us and don't truly care for our well being so acknowledging them is COMPLETELY out of the question.

Ciara, I love her, yes I do.
Her confidence is there YET people still HATE HER. What has she EVER done to them?
Nevertheless she delivers a GREAT performance and looks GORGEOUS doing it!
Basically what I'm saying to you is...
you should dance around your house to hot music, it makes you feel special and desirable.
It's a small little thing that really affects how YOU feel about YOU.

You betta work!

That means:
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Pampering yourself
  • Educating yourself
  • Focusing on your goals
  • Not allowing yourself to be demeaned
  • Holding your head high 
  • Realizing your self worth
the list really goes on.....

This is just a thought that would not leave me alone so I had to share, I'll elaborate more later, but for now, tell me what you feel it takes to have confidence.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

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Oh me oh my!
as usual...

You know what annoys me?
People that try to avoid GERMS!
I think if they REALLY knew just how many germs this world has they would simply try to live their lives to the fullest without the OCD tendencies.


Which one would you get?

I want the one on the FAR RIGHT. Yes I'll admit it,
evil puppies and children are always interesting to observe. Think I'm wrong?
Watch one and tell me all the things you see, they march to the beat of a different drummer, a very ANGRY drummer actually.

I was touched by Michael Jackson

WHOEVER put that up, I love, adore and respect them,

How many times have you been in this situation consumed by PURE IRRITATION.
Sucks I know, but when you're not dealing with it, it's quite amusing.
Am I wrong?
You find yourself on the side of the highway that is ZOOMING by the opposite side, where a similar
 situation ^^^ is occuring and you say to yourself...,"Glad that's not me!"


More randomness.
My life right now is on a TIGHT deadline with NOTHING but negatives being a guarantee if I fail...
Can you say PRESSURE?

Maybe not the same type of pressure but we both share an equal amount of frustration.

btw I do not do drugs...unless you count the prescription my doctor gave me, we ALL know those are

oh and I'm lying, I have no prescriptions :(

Friday, July 17, 2009

It is 3:34 am.
I am awake.

I have been alert ALL DAY, beginning at 8 am....YESTERDAY.
Through out my day, I was productive, exercised, worked, blah blah blah

But my ideas, plans, inspiration for creativity and things of the like were no where to be found in my brain, until now...

On a totally unrelated topic...

Wtf is going on with her thigh? Ewww....

Anywhoo, I have so many plans and ideas, so many ways to ensure that I have a place to sleep tomorrow and food to I have to BUCKLE DOWN and complete my tasks....

Which means I need to stop looking at things that amuse me online...

or fascinate me

YES, his eyes are TATTOOED BLUE.
Friggin KEWL if you ask me.

I am a STRONG LOVER of fashion and everything involved in it but there are somethings that I feel should have a VISIBLE border....

I'm just bothered by this pic is all....


Thursday, July 16, 2009

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I'm curious..... is it?

Tweet about it and let me know, are people still made fun of for being a virgin?
And if so, should they be ridiculed?
Tweet me

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Now that I have done the whole, "Oh I feel sorry for myself because I gained weight, why me,blah blah bullshit"....
It's now time to do something about it, I KNOW exactly how to lose weight, that is how I lost 15 lbs, now to lose ANOTHER 15 lbs.... so feel free to keep up with my journey.

You ALWAYS need inspiration, a photo,a video, a REMINDER of what your goal is...
My MAIN REASON for modeling began with Marquita Norwood.

She is just GORGEOUS to me! Her body is very ideal to me and I will one day blow up this pic and print it out and put it somewhere in my new home to remind myself of my goals...

I have decided that jogging is definitely for me. I run but not consistently and I don't have a goal while running which does not really help.
Ever heard of Couch-to-5k Running Plan?

Well I'm going to do that. Read the info provided because he (Josh Clark) makes great points and gives me a lot of comforting thoughts to encourage me to work out.
I already have my daily diet planned out but I need to tighten up and lose more so that I'll look BETTER than I did initially.

Pilates is another GREAT body toner, when I lived in VA with my parents, I of course had endless amounts of time to work on my figure, hair and overall looks. Now that I am on my own I have to find the time to do the same because why would I allow myself to turn into something I DO NOT desire?
Why have I done that? Why have you?
And when and HOW are we going to fix it?

Anywhooo, pilates was a regular physical activity I indulged in with great results.

Now to those of you that think I will look ridiculous smaller...I need to refer you to my blog post BEFORE this one....
yea, there you go.

I was built like Kelis after she lost weight.

I don't have much hip, apparently I don't get those until I have children.

So I'll be hip-less for years to come basically....

But I am AMPLE on the boob department, and with well sculpted obliques (side of abs that give the hour glass look), I will have my desired shape. Then I'll feel even better about modeling

Remember Kelis BEFORE?
She wasn't big, but she was NOT TONED, I feel this is me right now.

Then she slimmed a bit.
See, some people with BETTER with less weight on them.

I have to comment on Kelis for a moment.... I EFFIN LOVE HER!
And when she was a bit heavier, about my size now, she didn't get as much mainstream love which of course brings in the money. As soon as she slimmed down, she came out with Bossy and then all praise was given to her as she deserved.

One more inspiration is Jamie Eason.
She is just so cute to me.

She is well built but still feminine and sexy to me.
Work it girl!

Ok I have TONS of photos, so I will update regualarly, but nevertheless
my laziness will no longer be tolerated.
Now time to go jog.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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What happened to me?

I used to be this size...LAST SUMMER!

I took these pics with my camera phone just to let you know, my dress is actually a DEEP RED but everything else is accurate, and I wonder how I gained so much damn weight?
I moved into my current home, sat on my ass, and ate a lot b/c my puppies had just passed....

Well either way, I need to get BACK there! I think I look good skinny, and I was pretty damn slender and I LOVED it! I never had to try on clothes b/c I knew they would fit me well, NOW I FEAR the clothing stores and I'm not even as big as I used to be, but STILL.... :(

I have no clue how much I weighed there but I'll be back there and even better! My skin was flawless and I was partying like a wild's crazy that when I settle down I break out in acne and gain weight. But when I rarely get sleep and party all night and day I'm in great shape and flawless skin with a steady diet of McDonalds....smh

I feel so old and I'm only 20 years  and 2 months old.
I'll bounce back and NEVER fall off again....

Monday, July 13, 2009

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"I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song :)"

After I tweeted that I thought about the quote and why it makes me happy. Yes I'm one of "those" people that ask WHY, more people should do that, it allows you to think for yourself :)

Anywhooo, when I heard that lyric from Fallout Boy I thought about who he was speaking to, and I'm pretty damn sure he was referring to a female...but, since when do WOMEN make notches in their bedposts? If anything I ALWAYS hear MEN referring to how many they "had", and I'm sure it was NEVER in a way that left the female in a glow of respect and loveliness. It's USUALLY a bragging session involving STRONG use of names he'd NEVER call her to her face,(or she wouldn't have given him some in the first place) nonchalant attitude about her and anything that DOES NOT involve her useful parts. So I haven't heard women use the 'notch in my bedpost' phrase, us women usually PRAISE them and talk about the goods...unless of course they were tiny as hell (thought about linking a photo but changed my mind haha)
HOWEVER in the song, she has a bedpost and she notches it, and treats him the same way most men treat MOST women these days. There is OBVIOUSLY NO attachment emotionally,(sounds like me) she got hers and that's the end of it.

And I LOVE that perspective, giving consideration to the fact that women can treat men the same way they do us is IDEAL for me, and I do it as often as they're around.

The other point I wanted to make is in regards to the possibility of this scenario
"I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song :)"
but instead of the female telling him you're "just a notch in my bedpost", let's be a little more common about this, or is a better word modern? idk Either way, the man is saying that to a lady and she replies, "but you're just a line in a song" we could use a different phrase but simply her replying to the man in a way that let's him know she will NOT be sitting around waiting for his call and that she is NOT dependent on him like SO MANY DAMN WOMEN ARE so damn lovely!! I just don't like the idea of an able bodied, grown woman, (referring to the ones with intelligence) that sit around and wait on ANYBODY to support her. That is WEAKNESS to me. When you are simply too LAZY to live your own life and have to be directed...that's a problem. Some may argue that there is nothing wrong with a woman living off of a man, ok then, I guess you approve of men living off of women as well then? What's the difference? Gender? Well if that's all then there really IS NO DIFFERENCE. Besides penis & vagina.

And the fact that this quote came from a song full of guys makes it even BETTER to me, I love the fact that it's acceptable for women to liberate themselves from such a position where they're being led as opposed to leading. So many women today are leaders and taking charge and that is beautiful.

hmmm you think that means us ladies can start making notches? Or is that still a secret every lady keeps to you guys even keep track of those things?

...I don't :P
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I find it much easier to NOT commit, commit to what?
people in general
...the list goes on and on

One thing I could NEVER break up with
Fashion can't cheat on you, won't lie to you, fashion is something that allows you to be creative and explore your own self, I never have to think about fashion being boring and the same. It is NO WHERE NEAR predictable and I LOVE that fact.

BORROWED from here.

Her skin is FLAWLESS.

BORROWED from here.

Here she is again. FLAWLESS SKIN

BORROWED from here.

She is FOREVER my thinspiration, she's GORGEOUS and half asian :)

BORROWED from here.

Her pose is SICK!

BORROWED from here.

I wish I knew her...we would be BFF she seems MAD kewl!

Here's a close up of her

BORROWED from here.

This right here, makes me want to get back into photography. LOVE the skirt,hoodie and pose.

BORROWED from here.

If I could be anyone else in the world, it would be her. Why? B/c she has my IDEAL shape..and she can fit into SINKS!
Borrowed from here.

I need a new I can do my own....

Friday, July 10, 2009

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Just Friends (Sunny) - Musiq Soulchild

"Girl I know this might seem strange
But let me know if I'm out of order
For stepping to you this way
See Ive been watching you for a while
And I just gotta let you know
That Im really feeling your style
Cause I have to know your name
And leave you with my number
And I hope that you would call me someday
If you want you can give me yours too
And if you dont well I aint mad atcha
We can still be cool cause

Im not trying to pressure you
Just cant stop thinkin bout you
You aint even really gotta be my girlfriend
I just wanna know your name
And maybe some time
We can hook up, hang out, just chill

Damn Im surprised that you called
Cause the way you walked away
I thought I wasnt gon see you no more
Since you didnt wanna give me your name
I thought that you were iggin me
And wasnt diggin me
But anyway what you doing tonight
Ill probably be with my peeps
If its cool with you maybe well swing by
And you can just chill with us
Or you can just chill with me
As long as youre comfortable
And you feel secure when your with me cause

Im not trying to pressure you
Just cant stop thinkin bout you
You aint even really gotta be my girlfriend
I just wanna know your name
And maybe some time
We can hook up, hang out, just chill

Oh, oh, baby yeah
Maybe we can oh
Go and see a movie girl
Or maybe we can hang out girl
Whatever you wanna do
Just let me know
Its up to you

Im not trying to pressure you
Just cant stop thinkin bout you
You aint even really gotta be my girlfriend
I just wanna know your name
And maybe some time
We can hook up, hang out, just chill

Im not trying to pressure you
Just cant stop thinkin bout you
You aint even really gotta be my girlfriend
I just wanna know your name
And maybe some time
We can hook up, hang out, just chill"
-Musiq SoulChild 'Just Friends'

Saturday, July 4, 2009

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An orgasmic sight for me is one that inspires.....

He's a BAD muthaF***

borrowed from: Sartorialist

This feels so surreal to me...the colors and her pose.

borrowed from:

My Thinspiration

borrowed from:

She is so fly, the type most would pass by,you never know who you could meet.
Check out her shoes.

borrowed from:

If I am to ever use the word swagger, I could see it in her.

borrowed from:
OMFG! Look CLOSELY at her style!

aaaahhh I needed to release, yes people I am into a lot, fashion will forever be my lover.

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