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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

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Are you all STILL obsessed with chains? What kind of mark of glory is that? Yea I understand you're famous/semi-famous now, your album got attention b/c YOU got arrested for fighting at a club b/c a guy looked you in the eye and that built your "street cred". You talk about your worth on the radio and your worth is measured in chains? Something someone can STEAL?

But besides all that they're just getting RIDICULOUS now!!

<<< WHY?

I didn't think T-Pain could get any more ignorant, but hey, I'll admit, I was amused. :)

I LOVE how dude jokes him though,
(I forgot his name) Duvall or something...

Black people, we need to start buying land instead of jewelry. You never know they may be trying to push yo ass off of the US soon enough, and all you got to your name is a chain....


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