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Monday, July 20, 2009

On 1:25 AM by KiAnna   1 comment

I will eventually put out a book that digs deeper into this subject.
However for the moment, I'll discuss confident women and what they do keep it that way.
Yes, many ABUSE that ability and become quite arrogant and disrespectful, but keep in mind, those particular people don't have BALANCE, they lose their grip on reality and find themselves feeling more superior than they actually are.
Regardless of the fools, building yourself up and making YOU feel great about YOU is a GOOD THING.
Making oneself feel beautiful is a positive that many resent, mainly because they are not the ones indulging themselves and are merely observing. Why is it that people don't want to hear others complain about their lives, yet are quite disgusted at those that are content?


If they don't like themselves, they REALLY won't encourage you to grow as a person, if anything they'll try to slow you down and worse yet, KEEP you down. It's not that hard to spot an insecure, jealous person, they surround us and don't truly care for our well being so acknowledging them is COMPLETELY out of the question.

Ciara, I love her, yes I do.
Her confidence is there YET people still HATE HER. What has she EVER done to them?
Nevertheless she delivers a GREAT performance and looks GORGEOUS doing it!
Basically what I'm saying to you is...
you should dance around your house to hot music, it makes you feel special and desirable.
It's a small little thing that really affects how YOU feel about YOU.

You betta work!

That means:
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Pampering yourself
  • Educating yourself
  • Focusing on your goals
  • Not allowing yourself to be demeaned
  • Holding your head high 
  • Realizing your self worth
the list really goes on.....

This is just a thought that would not leave me alone so I had to share, I'll elaborate more later, but for now, tell me what you feel it takes to have confidence.

1 comment:

  1. I love the blog, and everything you said, and you said you love Ciara & you talked about her, and everything. You have just won me over, we are like on the same boat about now


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