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Thursday, July 2, 2009

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If we have free will we can freely do as we please, so when we see people suffering,drama,etc it's human's free will being exercised. If someone was assaulted, the people that assaulted had free will to do so, so God Is NOT to blame. *Trying to make sure I understand*
SO basically no one is controlling me I am in charge of my actions I am the only one to blame, ok, gotcha.
People say they had freewill to do so, my question is

Why do ppl tell me to pray, if it's all up to me anyway?

Now praying for Strength is nice and all but I remember praying for whatever was wrong to just be fixed and that rarely happened.
And if I'm asking for strength why was there no noticeable difference?
Devine intervention would mean God would step in and take care of my problems, right?

Just a few questions...

1 comment:

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