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Monday, July 13, 2009

On 9:20 PM by KiAnna   1 comment
"I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song :)"

After I tweeted that I thought about the quote and why it makes me happy. Yes I'm one of "those" people that ask WHY, more people should do that, it allows you to think for yourself :)

Anywhooo, when I heard that lyric from Fallout Boy I thought about who he was speaking to, and I'm pretty damn sure he was referring to a female...but, since when do WOMEN make notches in their bedposts? If anything I ALWAYS hear MEN referring to how many they "had", and I'm sure it was NEVER in a way that left the female in a glow of respect and loveliness. It's USUALLY a bragging session involving STRONG use of names he'd NEVER call her to her face,(or she wouldn't have given him some in the first place) nonchalant attitude about her and anything that DOES NOT involve her useful parts. So I haven't heard women use the 'notch in my bedpost' phrase, us women usually PRAISE them and talk about the goods...unless of course they were tiny as hell (thought about linking a photo but changed my mind haha)
HOWEVER in the song, she has a bedpost and she notches it, and treats him the same way most men treat MOST women these days. There is OBVIOUSLY NO attachment emotionally,(sounds like me) she got hers and that's the end of it.

And I LOVE that perspective, giving consideration to the fact that women can treat men the same way they do us is IDEAL for me, and I do it as often as they're around.

The other point I wanted to make is in regards to the possibility of this scenario
"I'm just a notch in your bedpost, but you're just a line in a song :)"
but instead of the female telling him you're "just a notch in my bedpost", let's be a little more common about this, or is a better word modern? idk Either way, the man is saying that to a lady and she replies, "but you're just a line in a song" we could use a different phrase but simply her replying to the man in a way that let's him know she will NOT be sitting around waiting for his call and that she is NOT dependent on him like SO MANY DAMN WOMEN ARE so damn lovely!! I just don't like the idea of an able bodied, grown woman, (referring to the ones with intelligence) that sit around and wait on ANYBODY to support her. That is WEAKNESS to me. When you are simply too LAZY to live your own life and have to be directed...that's a problem. Some may argue that there is nothing wrong with a woman living off of a man, ok then, I guess you approve of men living off of women as well then? What's the difference? Gender? Well if that's all then there really IS NO DIFFERENCE. Besides penis & vagina.

And the fact that this quote came from a song full of guys makes it even BETTER to me, I love the fact that it's acceptable for women to liberate themselves from such a position where they're being led as opposed to leading. So many women today are leaders and taking charge and that is beautiful.

hmmm you think that means us ladies can start making notches? Or is that still a secret every lady keeps to you guys even keep track of those things?

...I don't :P

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  1. Personally, for male or female, I think the number of sex partners a person has had does not need to be announced. Because sex is sex. It doesn't make your more or less of a person with a high or lower number of sex partners. That doesn't mean more people like you or think you're beautiful, its just sex. No one counts how many hands they have shaken in their life.


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