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Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Now that I have done the whole, "Oh I feel sorry for myself because I gained weight, why me,blah blah bullshit"....
It's now time to do something about it, I KNOW exactly how to lose weight, that is how I lost 15 lbs, now to lose ANOTHER 15 lbs.... so feel free to keep up with my journey.

You ALWAYS need inspiration, a photo,a video, a REMINDER of what your goal is...
My MAIN REASON for modeling began with Marquita Norwood.

She is just GORGEOUS to me! Her body is very ideal to me and I will one day blow up this pic and print it out and put it somewhere in my new home to remind myself of my goals...

I have decided that jogging is definitely for me. I run but not consistently and I don't have a goal while running which does not really help.
Ever heard of Couch-to-5k Running Plan?

Well I'm going to do that. Read the info provided because he (Josh Clark) makes great points and gives me a lot of comforting thoughts to encourage me to work out.
I already have my daily diet planned out but I need to tighten up and lose more so that I'll look BETTER than I did initially.

Pilates is another GREAT body toner, when I lived in VA with my parents, I of course had endless amounts of time to work on my figure, hair and overall looks. Now that I am on my own I have to find the time to do the same because why would I allow myself to turn into something I DO NOT desire?
Why have I done that? Why have you?
And when and HOW are we going to fix it?

Anywhooo, pilates was a regular physical activity I indulged in with great results.

Now to those of you that think I will look ridiculous smaller...I need to refer you to my blog post BEFORE this one....
yea, there you go.

I was built like Kelis after she lost weight.

I don't have much hip, apparently I don't get those until I have children.

So I'll be hip-less for years to come basically....

But I am AMPLE on the boob department, and with well sculpted obliques (side of abs that give the hour glass look), I will have my desired shape. Then I'll feel even better about modeling

Remember Kelis BEFORE?
She wasn't big, but she was NOT TONED, I feel this is me right now.

Then she slimmed a bit.
See, some people with BETTER with less weight on them.

I have to comment on Kelis for a moment.... I EFFIN LOVE HER!
And when she was a bit heavier, about my size now, she didn't get as much mainstream love which of course brings in the money. As soon as she slimmed down, she came out with Bossy and then all praise was given to her as she deserved.

One more inspiration is Jamie Eason.
She is just so cute to me.

She is well built but still feminine and sexy to me.
Work it girl!

Ok I have TONS of photos, so I will update regualarly, but nevertheless
my laziness will no longer be tolerated.
Now time to go jog.


  1. Hey Kianna!

    U kno wat? I Effin lov u!
    keep doin u girl. i admire that u r a
    young business woman. on the come-up myself.
    ( dont b creaped out.that's not me in the pic. im a young soon to be 21 black vixen like urself.
    i too am trying to sculpt my body. i am 4'9, 147. right now, i have these luv handles and my arms are not as yummy as i would like them to b.

    Annywho, im using sharon man 's 5mile walk and its great basicly its full-on aerobics but fun.

    so, if its alright w/ u im gonna be ur cheerleader! (so long as u share ur journey with us.)

    ur great! ur gonna make it kid.
    Just Some encouragement Ma
    peace n luv

  2. What foods did you cut out ? And can u explain your diet plan ?

  3. I'd rather look at you than her any day and any night!


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