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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On 10:14 AM by KiAnna   2 comments
Black Men these days act like going to jail gives them a right of passage, they walk around bragging about the time they spent having to wear the same outfit everyday, surrounded by men that either want to f*ck or kill them.
Showing off their illegal weapons, making dvds talking about your murders and drug trades, showing off tons of cash that can't be proven as legally earned,then wondering how they get caught and end up in jail

I don't want years of my life wasted in a cell!
That is not something to brag about, it's something to complain about and you really aren't that cool.

That's embarrassing.
The fact that TI only got two months in jail,is making a lot of men angry which is ridiculous to me, you should be happy that a black man is NOT staying in for long and wtf is he snitching on? You should not have been doing it if you feared that someone would tell OR you keep that sh*t to yourself and you have no problem.

I hate the words "I guess" , it's sooo rude to me, there's no confirmation when you say "I guess", seems more so like you have no opinion which is very annoying.

No Homo

Like saying that REALLY excludes you from the assumption that you are a homosexual,
 "homosexuality never occured to me until you just said that and now that I look at you..."

ppl that say no homo are immature

Little fact about me:

I moan erotically in my sleep,
I can't help it :(


  1. Hey kluv that homo shit was just stupid and crazy everything he said was homo I found out those type of that who say that either a homo or curious to be one if you see he was the hitting on the guy that tells you something.


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