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Thursday, August 27, 2009

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I bought an EXPENSIVE YET WORTH IT Digital SLR camera.

I plan on diving into photography and using my "good eye" to bring a good income into my home.

How do they look so far?

I had this camera for about an hour when these pictures were taken so I'm NEW !!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Men today see women as sex toys.

Many women display themselves as sex toys.

eh. live and let live.

We can't control how people see us, we can try, but they will think what they want. Because everyone has their own morals, some get labeled as a negative when in reality we all have a viewpoint that can contrast with another.

Besides, its makes no sense to devote so much time to disliking someone else's actions. You could be bettering yourself.

That's all.

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I got a message on youtube today that said:

quick question. Do you believe that white people are medically, technologically, and scientifically superior to africans? If you look at all the medical, scientific and technological breakthroughs most of them either come from white people or asians. Why is it that africans can't come up with these breakthroughs. and dont say it's because they don't have the resources because europeans lacked resources as well before they created all of their inventions. Why is it that europeans were able to conquer half of the world? are they really superior in some ways and black people try to deny it because they dont want to feel inferior?"

I figure they are white. And wanted me to have a white are better than blacks/blacks are better than whites, argument, and I wasn't about to do it. In my first sentence I trump his ENTIRE argument and the rest I just tear him a new one in a civil, logical manner.

I was recommended a book to suggest for this loser to read by Graham Murkett aka Mike Booth.
That question is fully and brilliantly answered in the book "Guns, Germs and Steel". Of course, most racists won't have the inclination (or ability) to read it, but it's where I point them when I get questions like that.

Mike makes animated youtube videos about a variety of topics which involve hilarious dry humor.
Check out one of his Youtube Videos.

I was half sleep but still wanted to answer, here is my response:

Are you saying that NO ONE is Africa has discovered anything?
If so, do some research, no I'm not quoting anything b/c I don't have time.
I don't think just b/c a certain race discovers something they're superior. What is the criteria to make someone superior? Discovery? Studying?

I never cared honestly, my family is a mix of almost all races and I realized people that want to label their race as better have inferiority issues of their own.
Only insecure people want recognition as better than everyone else.

And I'm not african and Never been to africa either so I couldn't tell you how they feel.

"Why is it that africans can't come up with these breakthroughs."

Even if you were accurate about that statement.
Does it matter? The fact that they were discovered should be more important. Saying you ARE better because of your knowledge would be quite immature in my opinion.

I don't think ANYONE is more superior than me, I am treated as an equal in all situations I put myself in and white people respect me to the fullest so it goes to show they are level headed and mature. They never treat me as beneath them and I wouldn't have it any other way."

That's all I have to say.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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I have to remind myself that it is okay to not have it all together. I am a person that likes to accomplish a lot but the ideas all come to me at once, it all begins to get a bit overwhelming.
I'm only 20 after all,but I'm a perfectionist and I compare my success to my peers at times, it does help my competitive spirit.
 But I have so many different interests and trying to keep up with them all is wearing me thin
and leads to me stressed and unproductive.
I put this image on my desktop background to remind  myself to:
  1. Not put too much on my plate
  2. Take care of all my initial goals
  3. ORGANIZE MYSELF *Should probably be number 1*
  4. Calm down

Because I failed to focus, there are many things building up but I'm the type of person that needs the proper environment to really find my inspiration..for anything!
If I can't settle and focus then it will never happen.
So regardless of how beautiful my current place is, I find it hard to think with these white walls reflecting sunlight into my eyes in EVERY ROOM WTF?!!
I swear I get a tan in bed!

But let's all try to focus.
I've lost 7 pounds so far from 160 to 153.4 in 4 days.
I did a combination of things to accomplish this and so far it has resulted in
  •  no loss of energy
  • Flat tummy
  • Knowledge on how to lose weight
  • Boost of Confidence
  • Optimism that it is NOT THAT HARD to lose weight

I consumed my desired amount of calories which left me VERY FULL.
The "secret" to weight loss is SELF CONTROL.
If you can not control the food that enters your mouth then you will NOT LOSE WEIGHT.
If you can, then there is hope.

I will be updating you all with my tactics..but for now...gotta focus

...on making my new website :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

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So many of my peers (18-21) party, drink , have children and get married (typically through "falling in love" in high school)
Updating their facebook with all their weekend accomplishments,to simply to turn around and go back to their job (if they have one) that pays hardly anything, they live with their parents or simply do not have the responsibility of supporting themselves.

All I'm saying is MOST are not planning for their future.
There are some in college as well, some actually graduate and some drop out.

Just because you may drop out of college, it does not necessarily mean you will fail in life.
Look at Bill Gates.
But most have not sat down and mapped out at least a general idea of how they will survive in this planet.

To start, I recommend evaluating your interests in life and how it's possible to make a profit from them.
If you find you're, for example, playing videos games all day , you might want to consider whether or not you're truly benefiting from it and if you find that it is not helping you grow, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STOP ENTIRELY but you should limit your time indulging.
I know many people feel video games are a waste of time, BUT like I mentioned earlier if you can find a way to profit from it, then I see nothing wrong with it.
Believe it or not there are people that MAKE A LIVING FROM PLAYING VIDEO GAMES.
It may be tough...but it is possible.

And since you already have an interest in it, you'll be more inclined to stick it out and succeed as opposed to resenting your job and lacking a passion for it.

So you don't have to take the traditional paths in life to succeed, simply find your niche and go for it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

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Think about it.

That thing.

YOU KNOW, that thing you wanted to do.

Ask yourself, is it worth it?

For those of you that CLAIM to be original....

Just appreciate past and make it your own.

I don't know about YOU.
But when I had a roommate I HATED IT!
I never realized how much I appreciated my own personal space.

Lately I've been having the hardest time getting to sleep at night.
Average hour I drift away is 3am and that is RIDICULOUS!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

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Like's how I think

3 elements: Music, image, words
Music & Video info at the end of video

Monday, August 3, 2009

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Reading about animal behavior and seeing how well it relates to humans is at times hysterical. Especially when you see traits of people you know written out in black and white.

Confident Dog

Insecure Dog

FYI: I don't agree with everything on the site that I linked but what I quoted I TRULY feel describes many and can help you analyze yourself.

Very high-ranking animals very seldom demonstrate their rank, unless they lack confidence. Most demonstrations and almost all fights that occur over rank are done by the middle-ranking or unconfident members." -Dog Body Language

Does that NOT explain MANY people we ALL know.
Have you noticed people that TRULY are in high rank (confident) rarely put themselves out there. You may know a bit about them but who they TRULY are is a mystery to you. Someone less confident tends to be the one to expose themselves and constantly try to prove to everyone just how great they are, while the big dogs lay back and let their mere presence move the crowd. That cocky confidence is masked with a subtle smile and head gesture. While the CLEARLY insecure one is dressed to catch ALL THE ATTENTION (half NAKED,etc.), and either their sex appeal has turned quite lewd or they're simply an attention seeker. Either way, it's obvious what they lack. Not saying everyone who entertains the crowd is lacking in confidence, I'm referring to the people that show desperation and even inappropriateness JUST to be the subject of discussion that night.
You see what I mean?
"Most demonstrations and almost all fights that occur over rank are done by the middle-ranking or unconfident members."
Almost ALL fights that occur over RANK are done by the middle-ranking or UNCONFIDENT (is that even a word?) members. The Insecure ones tend to behave this way.
Think about it, why would an ALPHA DOG (leader) need to fight for rank? He/She is already at the top. They have nothing to prove, they feel their position speaks for itself, and it does.
Only someone that KNOWS they aren't confident would feel the need to FIGHT for an ego boost.
Keep in mind that fighting could be physical,mental,social,etc.
And this is on a web page about DOGS!!!!
What does that say about us?!
Maybe that we aren't as different as we think....hmmm?
So looking over the quote, I must say I can recall many people in many different situations that contained such demonstrations & fighting, constantly displayed all over reality television shows everywhere.

What can you learn from what you've read so far?
  • That CONFIDENCE is a major factor in your rank in this world, it determines how you'll be perceived in social situations and thinks of that sort.
  • You DO NOT HAVE TO PROVE YOURSELF to people. You seem very common and uninteresting when you do, it appears as if you are uncertain about yourself and need validation.
Why was I even on that website you ask?

PICTURE IT: 11:30 on a Sunday night, watching The Dog Whisperer to learn some tips on how to raise Blue. I have to learn how to handle him in the best way possible, because he will be HUGE and scary and CUTE!!!

Anyways,after an episode I sit back and think about behaviors that Blue does often, a very common thing for him to do is tuck his tail under or lays down beside his bum and his ears are pulled back. The breeder said his mother's ears were like that often so it's possibly genetic. I wasn't sure so I googled it, and came across the website and the above quote made me laugh out loud!

So there.

But Blue tucking his tail really concerned me because I thought it meant he was afraid of me but I learned from several sources that it has several other meanings and one is submissiveness. Blue recognizes me as the pack leader and I dominate him therefore he submits, as he should. Dogs can sense confidence and if they know you don't have it they'll run all over you. JUST LIKE PEOPLE. If we see someone that acts like a pushover, we notice he tends to get...pushed..over.

So Blue senses my confidence and places himself accordingly in MY world. He knows he is in MY HOUSE and I run MY life, not him. Apply that to you and someone in your life. Where do you fit in?Do you like it there? Would you like more?
If you don't like your position, move. You can always develop YOU and doing so can be a benefit to you and those around you. Puppies included.

I swear I got this revelation after watching that show.

DENYING & LYING to yourself is the worst thing you could ever do. Doing so doesn't allow you to open up and release other problems in your life so you're never truly liberated and never really be at peace .

....I am such a hippie sometimes.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

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Whenever I'm having trouble focusing or brainstorming I have to zone out to music,
anyone else do that?
Right now I'm thinking of a master plan, but now I don't simply have myself to worry about, I have Blue too.
My beautiful pup :)
He's so sweet and loving and PROTECTIVE! But that's another story.

OK ok
I'm trying to avoid things but I'm going to write them down and slash them out once they are completed, I am
putting this all on the internet so I feel more accountable and I won't slack off.
  • Find & upload new WP template for BRAND NEW WEBSITE
    • Do the same for my fetish sites, with a dark theme and new pics and vids
    • Set up account, so I can begin selling my videos on my site & receive 100% of the profits
    • Finish editing COUNTLESS youtube videos and record those great ideas that pop out of me at random moments
    • Buy new car
    • renew license
    • Go to Ikea buy new stuff
    • Go to Craigslist, buy new stuff
    • Get Blue his last shots and maybe buy him a roommate/new girlfriend :)
    • Buy couch and desk for new apartment
    • CLEAN that new apartment!
    • Clean THIS apartment so I can get my security deposit back
      • Simplify my life (less bills, less drama, less stress, save money,be even more creative, exercise & read more)

Ok this is a small portion of my list but some of the most important things, if you find yourself not comepleting all of your tasks, write them down, it's hard to ignore it if it's in black & white.

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