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Monday, August 3, 2009

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Reading about animal behavior and seeing how well it relates to humans is at times hysterical. Especially when you see traits of people you know written out in black and white.

Confident Dog

Insecure Dog

FYI: I don't agree with everything on the site that I linked but what I quoted I TRULY feel describes many and can help you analyze yourself.

Very high-ranking animals very seldom demonstrate their rank, unless they lack confidence. Most demonstrations and almost all fights that occur over rank are done by the middle-ranking or unconfident members." -Dog Body Language

Does that NOT explain MANY people we ALL know.
Have you noticed people that TRULY are in high rank (confident) rarely put themselves out there. You may know a bit about them but who they TRULY are is a mystery to you. Someone less confident tends to be the one to expose themselves and constantly try to prove to everyone just how great they are, while the big dogs lay back and let their mere presence move the crowd. That cocky confidence is masked with a subtle smile and head gesture. While the CLEARLY insecure one is dressed to catch ALL THE ATTENTION (half NAKED,etc.), and either their sex appeal has turned quite lewd or they're simply an attention seeker. Either way, it's obvious what they lack. Not saying everyone who entertains the crowd is lacking in confidence, I'm referring to the people that show desperation and even inappropriateness JUST to be the subject of discussion that night.
You see what I mean?
"Most demonstrations and almost all fights that occur over rank are done by the middle-ranking or unconfident members."
Almost ALL fights that occur over RANK are done by the middle-ranking or UNCONFIDENT (is that even a word?) members. The Insecure ones tend to behave this way.
Think about it, why would an ALPHA DOG (leader) need to fight for rank? He/She is already at the top. They have nothing to prove, they feel their position speaks for itself, and it does.
Only someone that KNOWS they aren't confident would feel the need to FIGHT for an ego boost.
Keep in mind that fighting could be physical,mental,social,etc.
And this is on a web page about DOGS!!!!
What does that say about us?!
Maybe that we aren't as different as we think....hmmm?
So looking over the quote, I must say I can recall many people in many different situations that contained such demonstrations & fighting, constantly displayed all over reality television shows everywhere.

What can you learn from what you've read so far?
  • That CONFIDENCE is a major factor in your rank in this world, it determines how you'll be perceived in social situations and thinks of that sort.
  • You DO NOT HAVE TO PROVE YOURSELF to people. You seem very common and uninteresting when you do, it appears as if you are uncertain about yourself and need validation.
Why was I even on that website you ask?

PICTURE IT: 11:30 on a Sunday night, watching The Dog Whisperer to learn some tips on how to raise Blue. I have to learn how to handle him in the best way possible, because he will be HUGE and scary and CUTE!!!

Anyways,after an episode I sit back and think about behaviors that Blue does often, a very common thing for him to do is tuck his tail under or lays down beside his bum and his ears are pulled back. The breeder said his mother's ears were like that often so it's possibly genetic. I wasn't sure so I googled it, and came across the website and the above quote made me laugh out loud!

So there.

But Blue tucking his tail really concerned me because I thought it meant he was afraid of me but I learned from several sources that it has several other meanings and one is submissiveness. Blue recognizes me as the pack leader and I dominate him therefore he submits, as he should. Dogs can sense confidence and if they know you don't have it they'll run all over you. JUST LIKE PEOPLE. If we see someone that acts like a pushover, we notice he tends to get...pushed..over.

So Blue senses my confidence and places himself accordingly in MY world. He knows he is in MY HOUSE and I run MY life, not him. Apply that to you and someone in your life. Where do you fit in?Do you like it there? Would you like more?
If you don't like your position, move. You can always develop YOU and doing so can be a benefit to you and those around you. Puppies included.

I swear I got this revelation after watching that show.

DENYING & LYING to yourself is the worst thing you could ever do. Doing so doesn't allow you to open up and release other problems in your life so you're never truly liberated and never really be at peace .

....I am such a hippie sometimes.


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