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Sunday, August 16, 2009

On 11:13 AM by KiAnna   1 comment

So many of my peers (18-21) party, drink , have children and get married (typically through "falling in love" in high school)
Updating their facebook with all their weekend accomplishments,to simply to turn around and go back to their job (if they have one) that pays hardly anything, they live with their parents or simply do not have the responsibility of supporting themselves.

All I'm saying is MOST are not planning for their future.
There are some in college as well, some actually graduate and some drop out.

Just because you may drop out of college, it does not necessarily mean you will fail in life.
Look at Bill Gates.
But most have not sat down and mapped out at least a general idea of how they will survive in this planet.

To start, I recommend evaluating your interests in life and how it's possible to make a profit from them.
If you find you're, for example, playing videos games all day , you might want to consider whether or not you're truly benefiting from it and if you find that it is not helping you grow, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STOP ENTIRELY but you should limit your time indulging.
I know many people feel video games are a waste of time, BUT like I mentioned earlier if you can find a way to profit from it, then I see nothing wrong with it.
Believe it or not there are people that MAKE A LIVING FROM PLAYING VIDEO GAMES.
It may be tough...but it is possible.

And since you already have an interest in it, you'll be more inclined to stick it out and succeed as opposed to resenting your job and lacking a passion for it.

So you don't have to take the traditional paths in life to succeed, simply find your niche and go for it.

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