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Sunday, August 23, 2009

On 9:31 AM by KiAnna   2 comments

I got a message on youtube today that said:

quick question. Do you believe that white people are medically, technologically, and scientifically superior to africans? If you look at all the medical, scientific and technological breakthroughs most of them either come from white people or asians. Why is it that africans can't come up with these breakthroughs. and dont say it's because they don't have the resources because europeans lacked resources as well before they created all of their inventions. Why is it that europeans were able to conquer half of the world? are they really superior in some ways and black people try to deny it because they dont want to feel inferior?"

I figure they are white. And wanted me to have a white are better than blacks/blacks are better than whites, argument, and I wasn't about to do it. In my first sentence I trump his ENTIRE argument and the rest I just tear him a new one in a civil, logical manner.

I was recommended a book to suggest for this loser to read by Graham Murkett aka Mike Booth.
That question is fully and brilliantly answered in the book "Guns, Germs and Steel". Of course, most racists won't have the inclination (or ability) to read it, but it's where I point them when I get questions like that.

Mike makes animated youtube videos about a variety of topics which involve hilarious dry humor.
Check out one of his Youtube Videos.

I was half sleep but still wanted to answer, here is my response:

Are you saying that NO ONE is Africa has discovered anything?
If so, do some research, no I'm not quoting anything b/c I don't have time.
I don't think just b/c a certain race discovers something they're superior. What is the criteria to make someone superior? Discovery? Studying?

I never cared honestly, my family is a mix of almost all races and I realized people that want to label their race as better have inferiority issues of their own.
Only insecure people want recognition as better than everyone else.

And I'm not african and Never been to africa either so I couldn't tell you how they feel.

"Why is it that africans can't come up with these breakthroughs."

Even if you were accurate about that statement.
Does it matter? The fact that they were discovered should be more important. Saying you ARE better because of your knowledge would be quite immature in my opinion.

I don't think ANYONE is more superior than me, I am treated as an equal in all situations I put myself in and white people respect me to the fullest so it goes to show they are level headed and mature. They never treat me as beneath them and I wouldn't have it any other way."

That's all I have to say.


  1. whoever asked you that is extremely ignorant...A majority of the things that person THINKS was created/discovered by white people were actually done by people of african desent. They just weren't able to get the patents or credit because of their race. Most of the things that certain white person uses in their everyday life were also invented by people of african desent. And the greatest structures ever engineered and built are located in Africa and were done by AFRICANS. This is what happens when people rely soley on those government issued history books they give in public school. Teaching history from a white prospective in order to make them look like world saviors and make it seem like the rest of the world would be lost without the great Europeans, when in REAL history its the other way around...

  2. Ask Nelson Mandela
    Or Mahatma Ghandi
    Or?? - on and on


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