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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On 10:38 PM by KiAnna   2 comments

I have to remind myself that it is okay to not have it all together. I am a person that likes to accomplish a lot but the ideas all come to me at once, it all begins to get a bit overwhelming.
I'm only 20 after all,but I'm a perfectionist and I compare my success to my peers at times, it does help my competitive spirit.
 But I have so many different interests and trying to keep up with them all is wearing me thin
and leads to me stressed and unproductive.
I put this image on my desktop background to remind  myself to:
  1. Not put too much on my plate
  2. Take care of all my initial goals
  3. ORGANIZE MYSELF *Should probably be number 1*
  4. Calm down

Because I failed to focus, there are many things building up but I'm the type of person that needs the proper environment to really find my inspiration..for anything!
If I can't settle and focus then it will never happen.
So regardless of how beautiful my current place is, I find it hard to think with these white walls reflecting sunlight into my eyes in EVERY ROOM WTF?!!
I swear I get a tan in bed!

But let's all try to focus.
I've lost 7 pounds so far from 160 to 153.4 in 4 days.
I did a combination of things to accomplish this and so far it has resulted in
  •  no loss of energy
  • Flat tummy
  • Knowledge on how to lose weight
  • Boost of Confidence
  • Optimism that it is NOT THAT HARD to lose weight

I consumed my desired amount of calories which left me VERY FULL.
The "secret" to weight loss is SELF CONTROL.
If you can not control the food that enters your mouth then you will NOT LOSE WEIGHT.
If you can, then there is hope.

I will be updating you all with my tactics..but for now...gotta focus

...on making my new website :)


  1. If you commit to doing the circuit training at least twice a week, and add another two to three more sessions of cardiovascular exercise you will easily lose at least one pound per week.

  2. There are plenty of weight loss strategies that are guaranteed to backfire. This is because these nippy fixes instilled on certain diet plans are, in reality, not efficient because it does not employ the right principle and the right attitude in losing weight.


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