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Sunday, August 2, 2009

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Whenever I'm having trouble focusing or brainstorming I have to zone out to music,
anyone else do that?
Right now I'm thinking of a master plan, but now I don't simply have myself to worry about, I have Blue too.
My beautiful pup :)
He's so sweet and loving and PROTECTIVE! But that's another story.

OK ok
I'm trying to avoid things but I'm going to write them down and slash them out once they are completed, I am
putting this all on the internet so I feel more accountable and I won't slack off.
  • Find & upload new WP template for BRAND NEW WEBSITE
    • Do the same for my fetish sites, with a dark theme and new pics and vids
    • Set up account, so I can begin selling my videos on my site & receive 100% of the profits
    • Finish editing COUNTLESS youtube videos and record those great ideas that pop out of me at random moments
    • Buy new car
    • renew license
    • Go to Ikea buy new stuff
    • Go to Craigslist, buy new stuff
    • Get Blue his last shots and maybe buy him a roommate/new girlfriend :)
    • Buy couch and desk for new apartment
    • CLEAN that new apartment!
    • Clean THIS apartment so I can get my security deposit back
      • Simplify my life (less bills, less drama, less stress, save money,be even more creative, exercise & read more)

Ok this is a small portion of my list but some of the most important things, if you find yourself not comepleting all of your tasks, write them down, it's hard to ignore it if it's in black & white.


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