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Friday, September 18, 2009

On 10:54 PM by KiAnna   8 comments

No other man remotely interests me anymore.
I just get annoyed when they try to hit on me, fellas you MUST understand that I don't want you.
I have found exactly what I need and want in him.
He was just here yesterday, holding me with his large arms, engulfing me, taking me into his chest and I've never felt safer.
Yet I miss him.
He's the only TRUE friend I have out here, he has always been around and I'm glad I never took him
for granted. He's proven himself to be real time after time and CONTINUES to do so, while most of the others were dismissed.
His knowledge surpasses mine yet he humbly let's me ramble.
I have never appreciated any man's flaws like I do his.
And I'll hold onto him in any way I can.
I can't fathom losing him from my life nor can I even imagine another man replacing him.
He commented yesterday, while I was wearing one of those bright green cleansing masks, which are quite ugly, that he's the only one that sees me and all my flaws.
And that he loves them all.

I don't have to try to appeal to him, I don't need to change myself.
I don't need a certain body shape, nor do I need to give of my body to keep him around.
How many of YOU men are like this?

Which picture do you prefer?
Black & White


  1. I like the color photo. Usually the reason why you never here of guys like that is because, when it comes down to it it's kinda boring. I mean that's the thing about stability, some folks hate it because you know it's there. You know they'll never be anybody but who they were when you met them. You don't have to worry about them turning out to have lied to you, to leave you hanging when you need them for something petty.

  2. I think that's one of our country's main problems with relationships...
    Who said it has to be boring?
    Maybe you would end up with a boring relationship but my personality is far from boring as is his, I guess you'd have to be an interesting individual to keep it going

  3. the colour foto is nice and radiant. the different hues compliment your bone structure which I gotta say, is verrrry classic. the weight loss brings out the nice bone structure.

    but i think the black and white is my fav. You don't particularly need the colours to shine. Your lil stankin azz personality does that all on it's own and it's a great damn thing. You're growing up to be a spectacular looking woman. but at the end of the day, the brain in your lil rockhead and your soul behind all that body is what embodies Kianna. don't forget that. your curves and body are a far second. be 100% happy with the real you, and your physical will only look that much better.

    aiight im done rambling.

  4. I've been staring at this picture for the past twenty minutes, listening to your songs attached to your site. I think you are so beautiful. I already know you're beautiful on the inside, I know you. You are me. I hoped for better and you are ten times better as a creative, lovely, calm person. To put it plainly, I'm crying....Almost all grown up.
    Love Mommy

  5. i love the black and white one. and i just have to add that i am falling in love with you,lol your such an inspiration. forget the haters, there are people out there who appreciate everything you do.

  6. You are flawless.


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