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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On 12:16 PM by KiAnna   1 comment
I can't take it!!

IF YOU ARE GHETTO AND BROKE AND IS NOT AFRAID OF GETTING ROBBED THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!!! I've been living here since 2006 and have watched the place go from great to ghetto...and the thieves live in the neighborhood. They are mainly latin and black who are the thieves.(according to metro police) I have witnessed them in action scoping into peoples homes...oh and the greatest part of it all is that our security is in on it too!! I've watched security hang out with these thieves. There have been over 40 plus robberies in the last 3 months. The thieves will unscrew the entry lights in front of your doors, then hop over your balcony(upper level too!)pop open your WINDOW OR SLIDING DOOR, and take all of your valuables. When you come home you would be upset that they took all your belongings INCLUDING YOUR SPARE KEY TO YOUR CAR!! While you are calling the cops they are taking your car!! They are watching you!! So if you still want to live here do yourself a favor get ADT and don't forget a GUN!! - Apartment Reviews

These places are advertised so beautifully, but we all know it's lies. The photos were taken as soon as they were built and the sun was shining bright! So I rely on apartment I don't believe it's all true,but if you notice consistency and similarities through out different months in different years then you can assume something about the reviews is true. I find it hilarious sometimes what the people have to say and it really brightens my mood as I tirelessly slave away in front of my computer following leads only to be disappointed by location, dog breed restrictions (NO PITBULLS), and things of the like...

I'm trying my best not to lose my cool and freak out and it's hard when you're doing a serious move with no financial help. Idk what people think of my income or anything else, well that's not true, someone saw something old in one of my videos and said, "She said she would get a new one this month and she still got it, I thought yall said she was rich!"

What the hayle?!!

I wish.
I wish I didn't have to constantly keep my mind going for fear I may one day not have a place to sleep.
I wish I had money at my disposal, I would honestly be responsible with it and provide for many that need it.
I wish it was easy to find a new home where no family lives b/c the rent is low, your dog breed is legal and there's many ways to make money, I just have to get out there.
I wish I was all those imaginary things you all think of me b/c I'm sure life would be a little better by now. Maybe I do have a few qualities that appeal to the masses, I'm just not too clear on how to channel them into a profit so I can sincerely smile at something or someone. I wish I expressed my emotions more b/c I keep way more than you will ever know bottled up due to the knowledge of knowing my welfare is not truly your main concern, it may be your sympathy, but you have your own problems. And why should you involve yourself?
I never complain, I just state the facts no matter how hurtful they are, and I deal with them, I'm tough on myself b/c I know my potential, I'm even tougher on myself b/c I know my flaws and fear they will one day be visible and people will no longer care about me the way they previously did b/c of the fairlytale of me playing in their head will no longer be pleasant and soothing. Comforting you with the thoughts of a stronger woman out there. Why is it that the strong aren't supposed to cry?

Show no weakness? I hate vulnerability.

I don't know how this went from an apartment review laugh to this...but it's real and I write off the top of the head. SO I barely stay on topic, I bet it probably annoys people at times, sorry. But just know it comes from my heart, and even though my heart isn't your main concern I appreciate the acknowledgement. You have no idea what it means to me to know that someone cares beyond my looks b/c I have no doubt they will one day fade and I will be nothing but a shell and eyes and I will still have people laughing with me and not at me, and that will make me smile. B/c I can only hold onto the simple memories, I tend to only remember the big ones in a fuzzy way, so transparent. But the simple ones touch me, from someone I don't know feeling the need to pay attention to me for more than a minute to hear what I have to say.

Means a lot.

Why am I crying?

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  1. Kianna, you are a bird. Beautiful, free with strong powerful wings. All that I know of you is that you are extremely honest, hard working, caring, attentive, and courageous. For a woman of any age, those are exceptional qualities. Thank you for being candid and always know that there are people out there who do care about your hardships, your triumphs, your struggles. I myself am in the same boat and I know the necessity in staying connected to like-minded people. I make money in unconventional ways, preferring to stay an entrepreneur, where the REAL benefits are. This is an unstable and turbulent life that is meant only for the strong so cry when you need to. Only the strong can do that as well.

    Love and Peace,
    Ida :) aka SoSexyIda


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