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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

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Hippie Fairyland I swear that's where my head resides right now in peace and I'm gonna stay here  while I map out my future and continue to grow on it. This pic I purposely edited to make it rather psychedelic and surreal, I didn't want many fine lines...

My cleavage wasn't my focus when I chose this photo but I forgot they are a serious distraction lol I have another picture where I feel the small change in lighting takes your immediate attention away from my breasts more so towards the light in the background. And then back to me.

Or maybe it's because I'm still in Hippie Fairyland and I think that would make a great play for some reason.

I am so considering joining the theatre.

Oh did I mention Sister Patterson (NY's MAMA) showed me love on twitter and saw my pic and told me to show em off!!

It made my day!!

You all don't understand how much I love this duo, New York aka Tiffany Pollard is a sassy, spunky lady that was never tolerant of the foolishness people tried to dish at her. And did I mention there was a man involved?
Why wouldn't she be a bit of a bitch, women get that way especially over a man, but every show has to have a bad guy and Miss Diva fit the bill....

The mother/daughter relationship is strong and that's good that right or wrong they stuck together lol
But at the same time you KNOW she wasn't stupid, she carried herself in such a way that it impressed Vh1 enough to give her her own show, so now she's got money and looking great and got her mother in on it, which I personally thought was brilliant and also made sure the family always has money.  Anyways, I love them and I always love the ones everybody hates, especially because they always hold their heads high, and most people walk with shame. I'd rather see a proud person handling their business and look like they know where they're going than staring at a lost soul wandering around.

Don't let me get too deep, I know I probably lost a few of you lol

She tweeted a greeting

"Hello friends and haters ! miss you all. I don't know why ppl hate me..but anywho I GIVES NOT ONE GRAY DAMN...FO REAL DOW"

I'm not gonna lie I was skeptical about whether or not this is really her but either way I like the idea so I'll go with it lol

Then I tweeted to her

"lol hello Sister Patterson, I love you lol"

Because I do.

And here is what she said to me:

I laughed out loud and smiled from ear to ear, I love her even more now. My personality is attracted to powerful people, the daring ones that don't waste their lives worrying about the opinions of people we all know don't truly care for us or our well being. And they go about their lives, exactly as they please. That is what I desire!

That is what I indulge in, it's the sweetest feeling to have in my opinion. It's a freedom that many crave. Many people are restrained by their own mental prisons, whether it's love, or work, money issues, or social problems, they're so engulfed by that stress that they don't get the chance to live. And they're very bitter. And live their lives through celebrities,but no celeb is complaining because you guarantee they eat tomorrow. And good for them because they found their niche.

Sis Patterson and New York found theirs...
I'm learning more about mine everyday...

What are you doing?

I guess I just see NY & her mother in a different light because I'm not hating them like most of you, but then again I always did love the bad guy :) You never forget the bad guy, the bad guy/girl can be sexy and sultry, Megan Fox is the current "bad girl" and running shit. With an attitude and a smirk but she's getting things done, and I will always respect a person handling their business...even if I don't like them, I'm a woman of my word.

Love you all, I'm getting my life together.
I'm going to constantly come across problems in my way. but I'm smart and determined, so I'll get it done.

Did I mention I lost 40lbs :D


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