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Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Sorry I haven't been posting lately.

  1. I just moved into my new place
  2. Still fixing it up
  3. Trying to ensure a steady income for myself and Blue (I'm sure you can understand)
  4. I've been going through some things :/
  5. I have so much to say but not sure if anyone will be open enough to hear it
I've been doing a lot of soul searching and internal cleaning, physically, spiritually and mentally.
Using my new Nikon D60, trying to capture my "Good side" and feeling ugly in the process.
I was actually tired and sad in this photo but apparently guys see this picture as "come & get it"
Whatever, a picture is worth a thousand words...what do you see?

My latest video:

I was going into a depression stage that usually turns into an emotionless stage where I don't engage people, hardly talk and don't even smile, I swear I'm bipolar...

One thing that has lifted me up through my own personal problems is water fasting.
I recommend everyone at least fast for 24 hours, your body will flush out lots of toxins in your system, the toxins (from anything you've consumed) are what make you CRAVE the unhealthy foods you eat.
The only reason you crave salty, deep fried chicken when you haven't had it in a while is because it's still in your system...

If you flush it out, it's not like your body is desiring it...make sense?

My intention was to flush out my system and restart with healthier foods to build my system instead of tearing it down. And fasting has always been a great way for me to have a clear head, I mean how can you NOT? You're not eating!

I lost over 29 lbs so far so I'm happy :)

That shirt makes my tummy look big...smh

I did NOT lose most of that weight through fasting though....

I lost MOST of my weight by exercise, eating smaller meals, VERY STRICT on calories and sodium and KNOWLEDGE of what is GOOD for you. Most people don't know that canned food contains TONS of salt (to preserve the food I believe) and that isn't helping you let alone white bread.
I used to be obsessed with white bread until I found out it's just processed and FULL of sugar, while 100% whole wheat bread has been sitting on the counter rotting away b/c it's seemed TOO HEALTHY...

What is wrong with our society where when healthy foods and exercise are mentioned everyone starts to bitch?!!

Why don't you want to be healthy?!
I'll bet you wish you took better care of yourself when you start developing health problems!

I think our country is simply lazy and you can't blame your laziness on anyone but yourself, making excuses is what got you in that unhealthy state in the first place. (this is how I would talk to myself, only tough love works on me)

Anywhooo positive thoughts, keep me going.
I hope to finish my site soon so you can get all the tips I can offer....

Good day.


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