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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On 2:10 AM by KiAnna   3 comments
I find myself becoming IMMEDIATELY disgusted with ANYONE that displays ignorance.
It's a habit.
When someone merely looks at another and feels they can sum them up right then and there, I find myself mentally crossing them off my list of associates.
FYI if we haven't talked in a while, think about our last convo ;) (that doesn't apply to all)

I'm referring for example to people that may see a young lady like this...

and say how horrible she looks, or "she ruined her face!"

Does she look upset to you?
Does she appear to be unhappy in any way?
I think if someone felt they ruined themselves they wouldn't take snap shots displaying that fact.

She seems to have a lot of inner peace to me. Her smile shines from within, that's what caught my eye about this photo.
Her cheekbones are prominent, sitting high, that's a smile. It made me smile.
Then I noticed her piercings.

Someone told me she would look nice if she took away a few of the piercings.
They have a special meaning to her.
Respect that.

Because she OBVIOUSLY didn't do it for YOUR pleasure or approval, and that is why I admire her even more.

I think she looks ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!
She doesn't look poor to me. She looks like she has money.
The reason I say that is because many of you will say...

"You can't get a decent job looking like that"

Do you know how WRONG you are?

You may feel there is something wrong with her appearance b/c you already have in your mind what a beautiful person looks like. And you have that right. But you must understand that does not mean that she is not beautiful.
And most views of beauty (in my country) are fed to them through television, magazines and whatever sexually arouses them. Most people are followers and like what their friends,etc. like, don't really think for themselves and follow...


Modifying one's body is a personal choice that should be respected. NOT SAYING YOU HAVE TO LIKE IT.
But try to be more openminded.
Or at least keep your cynical comments away from me b/c I hate that 'holier than thou' attitude, many people pull out of their ass.

We are all EQUAL babe.

And this is freakin cool...


FYI that's not ink, its BLOOD :)

Some find this appealing...

Some like breast implants, fake nails,etc...

YES tons of things on her are fake...but she looks nice to me...

Here she is again...

Lots of guys like big booties...nothing wrong with that.
But you must understand that when you shout from the rooftops how ONLY women with big asses are attractive
women listen. And to appeal to you, they may get further enhancements....

And then you wonder why women go out and get butt implants.
They're doing it for YOU! They want YOUR approval.
Which is a stupid reason IMO, because most of these same men lack respect for women anyway.
What I'm tryna say is....

Don't be so quick to HATE.
No not 'hate' as in jealousy.
Simply HATING someone's looks so much that you disrespect them, you don't even give those people a chance to show who they truly are.
Kind of reminds me of racism, minus the race aspect.

Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.

Pictures from

Monday, October 19, 2009

On 2:05 AM by KiAnna   No comments

Been going through things....

Going through a lot and becoming more and more content with who I am
My concern for others opinions has melted away and has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders.
No it isn't the, "OMG they're talkin bad about me" thoughts.
More about personal matters I don't care to share but TRUST me, they have been settled.

I am so much more at ease since I've simplified my life even more. I've found that many of my desires were simply to impress others...
Subconsciously of course but nevertheless, I had that desire.
I only realized when I sat down and thought about what my NEEDS and WANTS were and they differed COMPLETELY.
I don't NEED half of the material possessions I strive for...neither do YOU.
We just WANT them.
And we all know the difference and how it's quite damaging to our wallets, peace of mind,credit,etc. to do such things,
people put so much value into these items that could easily be destroyed.

Where is their value now?

Are they now worthless?
Maybe building more character could have saved them from feeling so worthless now.
It annoys me when people commit suicide b/c they lost lots of money.
I don't feel sorry for them, there are people that are suffering DAILY, and I can't bring myself to have sympathy for someone who simply lost money...
 It shows they were nothing but a drone, a SLAVE,
We ALL know someone who WORSHIPS money.
Which, in a sense, makes them weak, at least to me it does.
A strong person would not become a slave to anything let alone a inanimate object (money).

That's why I prefer laughter, it's free and no one can steal my joy...

or my morbid sense of humor...

and this is creepy and must be shot *now paranoid*

ok... HE was uninvited and creepy

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On 9:23 PM by KiAnna   9 comments
Every photo you have EVER seen of me online was taken by...


Edited by ME ('cept for that one when I was still heavy)

Anywho, here are two pics I'm quite fond of that I took this week...

and this one


Tweet me about it.
Actually COMMENT on the blog (it would be nice, I read EVERYTHING you guys say)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

On 3:17 PM by KiAnna   1 comment

I can't decide which one is better, they all give off a different meaning and story to me.

2) Black & White version 1
3)Black & White version 2




This is a pic for a recent photoshoot, from a guy in love with my face lol

He paid in ADVANCE so I figured....why not lol

Thursday, October 1, 2009

On 9:04 PM by KiAnna   1 comment
I love the name Panda Kisses, when referring to my latest piercings. However their more popular name is Snake bites, either way I like the way I look :)

I could always get away with the bizarre :P

I'll take professional shots later, they're still swollen since I JUST got them pierced.

Feelin myself

I'm happier now.

No photoshop.
No make up.
Just me and my bad skin lol

and my Panda Kisses :)

I love my eyes and lips even more lately...

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