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Monday, October 19, 2009

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Been going through things....

Going through a lot and becoming more and more content with who I am
My concern for others opinions has melted away and has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders.
No it isn't the, "OMG they're talkin bad about me" thoughts.
More about personal matters I don't care to share but TRUST me, they have been settled.

I am so much more at ease since I've simplified my life even more. I've found that many of my desires were simply to impress others...
Subconsciously of course but nevertheless, I had that desire.
I only realized when I sat down and thought about what my NEEDS and WANTS were and they differed COMPLETELY.
I don't NEED half of the material possessions I strive for...neither do YOU.
We just WANT them.
And we all know the difference and how it's quite damaging to our wallets, peace of mind,credit,etc. to do such things,
people put so much value into these items that could easily be destroyed.

Where is their value now?

Are they now worthless?
Maybe building more character could have saved them from feeling so worthless now.
It annoys me when people commit suicide b/c they lost lots of money.
I don't feel sorry for them, there are people that are suffering DAILY, and I can't bring myself to have sympathy for someone who simply lost money...
 It shows they were nothing but a drone, a SLAVE,
We ALL know someone who WORSHIPS money.
Which, in a sense, makes them weak, at least to me it does.
A strong person would not become a slave to anything let alone a inanimate object (money).

That's why I prefer laughter, it's free and no one can steal my joy...

or my morbid sense of humor...

and this is creepy and must be shot *now paranoid*

ok... HE was uninvited and creepy


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