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Friday, November 6, 2009

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Oh darling, my life has become an old 50s movie, full of controlled drama and form fitting outfits, heartbreak and seduction, where's my red lipstick?

Wrapped up in things you wouldn't understand, b/c these are matters of the heart, and the heart as I'm told is treacherous.
I find I can't complete my tasks until I know his answer, paralyzed in a way... and I'm ok with that.
I'm content knowing I haven't moved from this spot and won't until I find out my fate...our fate.

My head hurts, vomit induced night, I feel so sick.

Eating to block out reality and pain, I'm going backwards in my accomplishments, shame on me.
I tell myself I'm ready for the answer, but I know I'm not. Either way there will be pain, this is the only kind of pain I don't welcome.

My eyes have been quite empty lately, I captured it in a photo, I feel I look beautiful, but like he always says, my eyes always tell on me.

Mine are very empty.
Eyes quite empty


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