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Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Round 2, here I answer YOUR questions about weight loss, if you missed Part 1 click here.
The following questions involve:
  1. Exercise
  2. The Master Cleanse and losing muscle
  3. Body changes (reducing bust size with weight loss)
  4. Green Tea vs Black Tea
  5. Calorie Counting
  6. Fighting Cravings
  7. Portion control

  • How often did you exercise? What exercises did you do?
First let me say, I am no longer fond of gyms, I find them too expensive and too far from my home. Besides I knew people were able to lose weight with out a monthly payment or even leaving their home so I wanted to find exercises I could do that wouldn’t require equipment.
I exercised 3-4 times a week, starting off with a morning stretch and jogging for at least 45 minutes. What motivated me to start running was a very interesting FREE program called The Couch to 5k running plan.
After my run, I would then work on my abs with basic abdominal cruches and squats, I REALLY wanted flat abs and to maintain my firm behind so that was important. On days that I did not jog I would do Pilates exercises, they are a GREAT way to tone and sculpt your body. When I was sitting down watching a movie (or any other reason I found to sit down), I would sit upright in my chair positioned so that my feet were firmly planted on the floor, my hands firmly gripping either side of my seat (to maintain balance and control). I would extend my legs directly out in front of me, leaving my knees slightly bent and then lower them 3-4 inches and then lift them back to my starting position (my legs extended out in front of me) that was a VERY TOUGH ab workout for me. It sounds easy but just try it and you’ll see. Remember to keep your posture straight and tighten your abs as you lift your legs.
Those were my main exercises because I really didn’t want to workout too hard while at home, when I jogged I would push myself hard (I used to run track) but the other exercises I did not want to tire me out as easily.
  • How much did you eat ?
I reduced the large portions I used to eat. I did this by simply not filling my entire plate with food, it’s ok to NOT have a mound of food at one sitting, they’re called leftovers for a reason. It’s all about Portion control and Self control.


  1. I love your personality your very inspiring keep up the good work feel free to email me

  2. I have pointed one thing in this post with Pilates exercises we can loose weight also. This very good news for fitness lovers.


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