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Thursday, December 31, 2009

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You seem as if you would cheat or you are very rude if a dude tries to holla at you im i wrong?
Let's address the: "You seem as if you would cheat" part...

lol seriously? Do I have the "I'm the type to cheat" face. WTF?! How do you determine by looking at someone that they would cheat on you? B/c I have been cheated on MANY times but never cheated back, I don't get in relationships just so I can break a heart.

And about me being rude if a guy tries to "holla" at me...

I don't want a man to "holla at me" if a guy does that I'm immediately turned off, I like GROWN MEN who don't "holla" I'd rather have a conversation, a meeting of the minds for at least 2 minutes to determine whether or not he deserves to have my number...
And if you're a man of substance this shouldn't be a problem for you

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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If u could make your own unique male that will love u, how would u like the guy to be?
Wow... ummm

At least 6ft, at least 200lbs, full beard,mustache, sideburns, the works lol
Well built, muscular, with a bright smile, Gorgeous eyes, and big hands....

Ok now to the important part...

He would be VERY intelligent, compassionate, honest, thought provoking, open minded, experienced, humorous, loving, protective, creative, family oriented, outspoken, outgoing, determined, focused, and the list goes on...
But they're qualities most people should already possess and with that being said,

I don't think I'm asking for much.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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how old is blue? i have a female blue american pitbull ("gotti" & "razors edge", with a lil bit of "monster G") Do you have UKC papers on him? Or do you know his bloodline(s)? She'll be 1 on the 15th of january and i wanna mate her on her 2nd heat...her 1st one should be here any day now...there is big $$$ in this breeding biz and we can both profit from it (plus u can get 1st pick of the litter ;) )
Blue is 7 months He's a razoredge and has his papers, HOWEVER I have no idea who you are, how to contact you,etc.
Ki' you are a very intelligent young lady, and I noticed your flair for great photos & artwork. Who inspires you artistically? (a famous poet, sculptor, painter, etc). --Blackmagik
The common folk inspire me, the non famous people that are innovative, and independent, I admire, Sensuality, What's considered strange,Seduction, creativity, these all inspire.

Also I try my best to avoid my emotions, so I typically express them in my writing, photos, music I listen to,etc.
What's your favorite way to exercise?
Walking, people COMPLAIN that I walk too much lol
What is your #1 Twitter pet peeve? And don't say when you get asked what your #1 Ywitter pet peeve. 7;-)
I HATE when people ask me to follow them, I'd prefer to check you out and if I like what I see then I'll follow, there's a reason my "Following" count is very low, I get bored with ppl VERY easy (no offense)so asking me to follow you won't convince me to do so.

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With living such a semi-public life and you being so hot and all, are you worried about stalkers and other unwanted attention. How do you draw the line on how much to reveal about yourself?
Believe it or not I am a VERY private person, most of my neighbors aren't even aware I exist. I get a lot of attention whenever I'm in public so I'm used to it and can deflect unwanted attention pretty well, no matter what type of person it is.

No I am not afraid of stalkers b/c I am not afraid of anyone. It makes no sense for me to fear someone b/c they don't understand "I'm not into you". That is one of the few times I would go upside someone's head, if they manage to find me,they better come correct.

"How do you draw the line on how much to reveal about yourself?"

I'm always thinking so what I reveal to the public is merely the surface of me.

Everything I discuss is thought out and I tend to be very explicit so many see that as me exposing myself, but I disagree, I'm just VERY DETAILED in my stories and very blunt.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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She's actually irrelevant to the post entirely but she is fly as hell therefore her pic is here :)

The R&B singing group Ahmir did a cover to a song out of their usual genre of music and did it BETTER than the original.
I love men that can sing :D

This is the original song.

Them singing Halo- Beyonce

Monday, December 14, 2009

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I swear I'm not crazy

i think

see I look "NORMAL" here

I suck on my snake bites and fiddle around with them. 

New bad habit.

Yes I said 'FIDDLE'!

Face is getting fat again...uh oh 

Gotta workout!

oh and here's the video


Sunday, December 6, 2009

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i am
i am so
i am so over
i am so over you

SUck em iN

i smile
i smile from
i smile from within
i smile from within now

Lovely eyes and lips

you helped me do that

it was nice while it lasted though
you're a great friend
but a shit boyfriend
and i love you

i see ghosts

take care of my puppy
i know you two are attached
hurry up and get better so you can come over and chill with me
we always use to cuddle
even before we were lovers
so I think we can cuddle again

mmm hmm

i'm over you but i love the friend that you are.
keep in touch, and thank you for telling me i was beautiful every chance you could
coming from you those words meant a lot

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