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Monday, December 14, 2009

On 2:29 AM by KiAnna   2 comments

I swear I'm not crazy

i think

see I look "NORMAL" here

I suck on my snake bites and fiddle around with them. 

New bad habit.

Yes I said 'FIDDLE'!

Face is getting fat again...uh oh 

Gotta workout!

oh and here's the video



  1. To answer your question about are you ruthless, I don't kno you from atom and I think you may be a censored. For instance that guy that was stalkin you I thought you could have let him have it but hey. I kno a lot of ppl would have hurt his feeling bad! ! Lmao. You should have done that but I understand. As far a you being censored I don't think you should. I like honesty (even tho @ times it hurts like hell) but it's the truth. Also I like my body(to an extent lol. am working on that) and I walk in my house naked or watever. It feel comfortble. So watever, however you wanna do by all means do you. We'd all Luv you just the same. And if the haters wanna hate your doing your job. ;-)

  2. I just listened to Pretty Wings and I just can't help wondering wat happen. Not to be all in you business. But I do hope whatever happened has set you free. But kno Love will come around again. ;-)


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