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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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With living such a semi-public life and you being so hot and all, are you worried about stalkers and other unwanted attention. How do you draw the line on how much to reveal about yourself?
Believe it or not I am a VERY private person, most of my neighbors aren't even aware I exist. I get a lot of attention whenever I'm in public so I'm used to it and can deflect unwanted attention pretty well, no matter what type of person it is.

No I am not afraid of stalkers b/c I am not afraid of anyone. It makes no sense for me to fear someone b/c they don't understand "I'm not into you". That is one of the few times I would go upside someone's head, if they manage to find me,they better come correct.

"How do you draw the line on how much to reveal about yourself?"

I'm always thinking so what I reveal to the public is merely the surface of me.

Everything I discuss is thought out and I tend to be very explicit so many see that as me exposing myself, but I disagree, I'm just VERY DETAILED in my stories and very blunt.


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