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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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how old is blue? i have a female blue american pitbull ("gotti" & "razors edge", with a lil bit of "monster G") Do you have UKC papers on him? Or do you know his bloodline(s)? She'll be 1 on the 15th of january and i wanna mate her on her 2nd heat...her 1st one should be here any day now...there is big $$$ in this breeding biz and we can both profit from it (plus u can get 1st pick of the litter ;) )
Blue is 7 months He's a razoredge and has his papers, HOWEVER I have no idea who you are, how to contact you,etc.
Ki' you are a very intelligent young lady, and I noticed your flair for great photos & artwork. Who inspires you artistically? (a famous poet, sculptor, painter, etc). --Blackmagik
The common folk inspire me, the non famous people that are innovative, and independent, I admire, Sensuality, What's considered strange,Seduction, creativity, these all inspire.

Also I try my best to avoid my emotions, so I typically express them in my writing, photos, music I listen to,etc.
What's your favorite way to exercise?
Walking, people COMPLAIN that I walk too much lol
What is your #1 Twitter pet peeve? And don't say when you get asked what your #1 Ywitter pet peeve. 7;-)
I HATE when people ask me to follow them, I'd prefer to check you out and if I like what I see then I'll follow, there's a reason my "Following" count is very low, I get bored with ppl VERY easy (no offense)so asking me to follow you won't convince me to do so.


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