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Sunday, December 6, 2009

On 4:17 PM by KiAnna   No comments
i am
i am so
i am so over
i am so over you

SUck em iN

i smile
i smile from
i smile from within
i smile from within now

Lovely eyes and lips

you helped me do that

it was nice while it lasted though
you're a great friend
but a shit boyfriend
and i love you

i see ghosts

take care of my puppy
i know you two are attached
hurry up and get better so you can come over and chill with me
we always use to cuddle
even before we were lovers
so I think we can cuddle again

mmm hmm

i'm over you but i love the friend that you are.
keep in touch, and thank you for telling me i was beautiful every chance you could
coming from you those words meant a lot


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