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Saturday, January 16, 2010

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What exercises did/do you do? Is rebounding(using the mini-trampoline)one of them?
A LOT of walking (still do), jogging, crunches, a lot of pilates, and stretching, anything that didn't require a gym b/c I had no time for gyms

Anything that keeps you active and raises your heart rate is a good thing IMO

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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I am 15 years old.Do you think I should watch BET? I personally love BET I watch it everyday..
My little sister is your age and I hate the thought of her watching it, that channel (and many similar) does nothing but promote sex, materialism,ignorance (frankie and neffie, keyshia cole's family) many of the shows on BET are at least PG-13 rated meaning they acknowledge that some (if not all) of our youth should not view the ADULT MATERIAL THEY ARE PRESENTING, yet the youth still do of course. If you were grown you'd have the right to choose what you want subliminally floating around in your mind. The problem is YOUTHS are BET's (also MTV, VH1,etc) main audience so yes, many adults view that channel but far more Teens and younger keep that channel going. The award shows are full of adults you rarely see a child or teen, YET the ones watching each and everything that channel does are...the youth. People blame teens for the new stupid slang, but TEENS DO NOT usually start the latest trends, TYPICALLY it's a celebrity, but who is obsessed with celebs more than anyone? The youth. And of course the youth would and still do, mimic their favorite artists and everything they do. Even to the point of their own destruction.

Now why would I want my baby sister indulging in that?

I feel its dumbing down our youth. You would benefit more watching Animal Planet, or the History channel b/c you are actually LEARNING something. I know MOST teens your age are not concerned about how they benefit from what they watch and listen to, but TRUST AND BELIEVE YOU WILL when you grow older and start saying things like, "If I knew then what I know now." I know you've heard things similar to that. Basically meaning, If I had the knowledge and insight into (whatever the topic was...) I would have handled it better/differently,etc.

My problem with BET is that I feel it's brainwashing MANY of the youth to have tunnel vision to the temporary things in life that USUALLY have FATAL RESULTS.

(NOT just BET does this, that's why I do not watch television)
You may find yourself accepting violence, desensitizing you. When you see someone get shot in a music video or in a movie it no longer has a negative feeling on you, at least as much as it used to. You are now more familiar with death and violence, it doesn't rub you the wrong way any more, you may even begin to take an interest in it. Maybe not death but fighting, violence,etc.

Also sex, I find nothing wrong with sex as long as it is between two consenting & responsible ADULTS. But what do we notice these days? TOO MANY teens and preteens are popping out children and losing their virginity younger and younger. It is ACCEPTED (whether you agree with me or not) in today's society to have sex and LOTS of it. It probably always was BUT it is now in our television shows, commercials, music videos, EVERYTHING YOU MAY FIND ENTERTAINING. And saying "sex sells" is just an excuse to keep it up and make it racier and racier. When I was a teen I LOVED the fact that sex was so accesible on television and music videos, I was a normal teen and thats what teens do, they're all going through puberty. And they're horny little devils with time on their hands... think about it.
And I say that SEX CAN HAVE FATAL RESULTS b/c there are MANY people dying daily due to STDs. That **conveniently** keep getting stronger and stronger (I'll stop my thoughts there, some of you may see where I'm going with this... I hope you do)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

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Do you hate it when girls get called slags for being too attractive? And does that happen to you? And does that happen when you cover up while chatting to boys?
I'm not too sure what a slag is but I'm pretty sure I know what you mean...
I think it shows insecurity and MUCH displeasure in one's own person if they call women out of their name just b/c they're attractive.
I'm sure I get called all types of names but they're never face to face. I know when I'm being talked about though and just tell myself they're insecure and by observing their speech & actions it's always confirmed for me.

I'm grown so I wear what I please, I feel it makes no sense to cover up if you're wearing a low cut top, you KNOW what you put on and what it would show, so show it...

People are so prudish these days when it comes to your body but hey... to each his own...
I don't give a damn

Friday, January 1, 2010

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What are some things that make you want to tell a man "Man Up"? or a woman to "Woman Up"? Please be specific. By the way, the lip piercing is unique, I like it and do you consider yourself a celebrity, you have over 5 million subscribers or viewers on your youtube or myspace I know that was 2 questions though, but thanks for your insights and opinions they are very informative not just the hair stuff but your opinions in general. Keep it up. Do you
Living off of welfare w/out intention of bettering yourself and not taking care of your kids will bring me to say woman/man UP!

Not accepting responsibility for your actions PISSES ME OFF and makes me says MAN/WOMAN UP!!

Being dependent on everyone but yourself disgusts me and makes me say MAN/WOMAN UP!

Lying all the damn time brings me to say MAN/WOMAN UP!!

and the list goes on...

Thank you and no I do not consider myself to be a celeb, though I get that a lot or anything similar...

Even though millions have seen/heard me, I honestly still see myself as the same, it would probably have to take something drastic to make me feel I'm a celeb... or anything similar

Forgive me I'm always in my own little world, and in Ki'Anna's World, she ain't nothing but a Hippie/Diva/Geek with a smart mouth.

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