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Friday, January 1, 2010

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What are some things that make you want to tell a man "Man Up"? or a woman to "Woman Up"? Please be specific. By the way, the lip piercing is unique, I like it and do you consider yourself a celebrity, you have over 5 million subscribers or viewers on your youtube or myspace I know that was 2 questions though, but thanks for your insights and opinions they are very informative not just the hair stuff but your opinions in general. Keep it up. Do you
Living off of welfare w/out intention of bettering yourself and not taking care of your kids will bring me to say woman/man UP!

Not accepting responsibility for your actions PISSES ME OFF and makes me says MAN/WOMAN UP!!

Being dependent on everyone but yourself disgusts me and makes me say MAN/WOMAN UP!

Lying all the damn time brings me to say MAN/WOMAN UP!!

and the list goes on...

Thank you and no I do not consider myself to be a celeb, though I get that a lot or anything similar...

Even though millions have seen/heard me, I honestly still see myself as the same, it would probably have to take something drastic to make me feel I'm a celeb... or anything similar

Forgive me I'm always in my own little world, and in Ki'Anna's World, she ain't nothing but a Hippie/Diva/Geek with a smart mouth.


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