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Sunday, January 3, 2010

On 12:53 PM by KiAnna   No comments
Do you hate it when girls get called slags for being too attractive? And does that happen to you? And does that happen when you cover up while chatting to boys?
I'm not too sure what a slag is but I'm pretty sure I know what you mean...
I think it shows insecurity and MUCH displeasure in one's own person if they call women out of their name just b/c they're attractive.
I'm sure I get called all types of names but they're never face to face. I know when I'm being talked about though and just tell myself they're insecure and by observing their speech & actions it's always confirmed for me.

I'm grown so I wear what I please, I feel it makes no sense to cover up if you're wearing a low cut top, you KNOW what you put on and what it would show, so show it...

People are so prudish these days when it comes to your body but hey... to each his own...
I don't give a damn


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