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Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Naw he told me 22 and then forgot and said 19, not sure if I published that one but he was stupid enough to forget his lies. And if someone has "sexy" in their name or has to tell you they're attractive, they're probably ugly

for example :

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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yea it can be, I agree

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It does b/c I don't think people understand just how much work goes into the things they expect me to explain simply and if they don't understand somehow I'm at fault, I learned most if not everything I do on my own, I did my own research, asked lots of questions from experts, read a lot on my own time, when you're really interested in something you put in work. So when people ask how to do something, I make sure they do what I did...
think for themselves basically

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I 've told people that so many times, I think they want a pill to dissolve the fat, b/c they sure don't care for that plan, but it ACTUALLY works so do it people!

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nothing, I was a virgin and didn't mess around, I thought about it all the time but wasn't ready, I knew I wasn't I didn't mature enough mentally and emotionally to try out sexual things... so I didn't.

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I've mentioned it a lot, just haven't lately, I forget ppl are still discovering me so I should write a BIO so people won't have to ask. I was raised a Jehovah's Witness, at 18 years old I decided I did not agree with all the teachings and decided to go on my own search for the truth as opposed to everyone around me telling me what's "true"...

No regrets

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walking, reading, dancing, music, companionship (thats what Blue is for) I do a lot besides smoke weed, haven't smoked ina few days, no addiction, I just truly enjoy it.

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I love it lol I saw the video and laughed and showed friends...

No such thing as bad publicity and I wasn't doing anything, I'm even more amused b/c that video was so popular and apparently I was "porn worthy" in the video b/c someone felt I could fit right in there with Pinky shaking her ass...

I'm flattered really.

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Go with what looks good on you, something NATURAL looking would really make you stand out b/c we're all used to the "plastic looking weaves" Big and wavy is sexy... go for it!

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I have many my current one is... more of a quote

"Sometimes, I feel as though I am a disappointment to my parents.
But then I realize that my life is essentially mine to live. It is up to me to pave my own way and snatch up every opportune occasion for happiness for the sake of my own sanity. The choices I have made, and will continue to make, will no longer linger on the consent of my parents, but instead as a reflection of my personal interests."

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There's always silicon and YES I DO! Breasts are fatty tissue so it makes sense for them to go away, I totally understand you though b/c I miss my HUGE breasts, now I just have big lol but they're proportionate and my back doesn't hurt anymore...

Pros and Cons to weight loss But I bet you won't be getting prescriptions for illnesses stemming from being overweight (high blood pressure, etc) and that's worth a lot more than breasts.

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Join me for a smoke... smoke weed? If not I'll buy you a few drinks, we're in the same boat my dear (minus the school) and I'm content with not trusting people, it makes me rely on myself more, because even if you were surrounded by people, you more than likely can NOT trust them ALL with anything, people show their true colors, especially if they benefit from your grief,but babe at the end of the day, you're by yourself...
You have to live with YOU regardless, so I suggest using your time to work on yourself and not feel so obligated to invite people into your life. There's no need to trust everyone or anyone... people are people, we follow our carnal desires (that's why so many are overweight, pregnant, have an STD,etc)

You may have FAITH in someone, have faith in their ACTIONS more than their words, but I don't recommend trusting, it lets your guard down.

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I would just walk up to him, and say hi. Obviously you've observed him for some time so I'm sure you're familiar with something unique about him... MENTION IT! That will be your ice breaker... go from there.

I don't understand why people are so afraid to talk to others, I'll walk up to a homeless man and say hi.. but thats just me.

Don't be afraid girl! Get yo man!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Thank you. And you're right, I've got to constantly remind myself of this, sad but true


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I hear its expensive, other than that it's ideal for me

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=) hehe hell yea!

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YAY!! Stay focused!!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

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That's whats up

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Thanks now I have an excuse to show off my new video and don't be sorry, I'm not.


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LOL =) Love you too!

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

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1200 and then I decreased it to 800 but I wasn't working out, just sitting on my butt so the less exercise you do the, the less you should eat

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