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Thursday, August 5, 2010

On 10:22 PM by KiAnna   No comments

correction... smh*

Also which fan are you referring to? My bread and butter, think so? You really don't know me. I LOVE my fans, my fans know who I am as well. They don't get all butthurt if I don't reply back to their emails b/c they understand I get a lot of them so keep on busting your ass honey... btw who are you to be getting HUNDREDS of emails?

Curious, since you're so fired up, might as well open up more, let your fans know that KIANNALUV is evil!! And she says rude things...

You must understand my dear, that my comments are never unprovoked, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that you'll never know about, there is a REASON I say what I say...

I don't feel I've been out of line, and if I did upset someone they usually reply back and let me know whats up and it's corrected.

And If I took people for granted I damn sure wouldn't tell them how to lose weight, and encourage them to be themselves and send lots of private messages in relation to self esteem issues,etc.

You have no idea whats going on, all you saw were questions answered in a way that displeased YOU, now unless YOU were the one writing the questions I don't understand the anger.
Btw what makes you think all my questions are from fans?

Really what makes you think that?
Hell even I ain't that damn gullible, some of these people don't even know who I am

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