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Thursday, August 5, 2010

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I would make it "hip" & "cool" to be smart again, to be open minded, make it fun to read, write, learn and not act like its cool to be ignorant...

Most people are fine being stupid and it irritates me b/c these are some of the same people I encounter daily...
People act like it's a chore to think, expand their minds, seek knowledge, they act like this lame ass music today is actually... MUSIC

Ignorance surrounds us in many different shapes and forms, bias, bigots,etc.

Many don't like the fact that you don't believe in THEIR God, or live your life the way THEY feel is appropriate, people tend to forget that we ALL have different moral standards, different paths, and lives,not everyone is close minded, not everyone would prefer to stick to tradition, some like to try new things.

I feel if people were more intelligent, enlightened and took pleasure in learning about ANYTHING, the world would be a better place, less ignorance (aka lack of knowledge), more awareness, more people would be IN THE KNOW about important things that affect society and more intelligent, well thought out decisions would be made by more people...

Wishful thinking though... because most people would rather be stupid.. they just don't use that word.

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