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Friday, October 15, 2010

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Walking walking walk walk jog jog jog jog run run running running, yea that did it

Talk to me babe

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Turn on: Humor, well built physique (I have standards lol), INTELLIGENCE, Him having his own Money (truth)

Turn off: THIRSTY ASS GUYS! OH WOW showing your desperation makes me REPEL from you, how do they not catch on to the obviousness of that? Ignorance, men that don't take care of their bodies/heart/mind, Lack of manners and etiquette (I know thugs that are extremely respectful, to me at least so you really can't judge)
Common sense,and more

90% of men turn me OFF, and only 10% do I even acknowledge b/c most have their own agenda and think with their dicks, which is their business but doesn't mean I'm interested in them in the least.

All I ask is for respect and using your brain, that is a HUGE turn on.

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Speak the truth lady! lol

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lol now I just smile at them, tell them they are ignorant (lack of knowledge) on the subject and don't know what they're talking about but that it's ok for them to be ignorant b/c I do not care for them to know the truth. And then I turn away from them and leave them staring at me wishing I would continue to talk about the subject lol
It's far more pleasing, I can now rest easy knowing I know wtf is going on and so like you I don't stress it so much. If people wanna be stupid.. let em.

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lol no doubt, and yes it is rare and I HATE that, but I'll say being real saves me from being annoyed and snapping on people

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

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Weakness, obviously, people with BALLS let you know how they feel with a backlink

Only weak people do cowardly things :D

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