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Friday, January 10, 2014

I messed up. I was in the store and told the cashier I hated chocolate chips and the GORGEOUS guy in front of me turned around smiling, I joked that I was aware what I said was borderline blasphemy to most and he laughed again. I wanted to ask for his name, his number, his shoe size... but I hesitated and he left the store :( UGH I WISH I'd gotten his number or another smile at least b/c he was so fine. He was white, tall, athletic build, perfect teeth, well groomed,etc.

I saw him outside doing something with his pickup and I hesitated AGAIN OMG I'm always nervous that a white guy won't like black women and don't want to deal with rejection BASED ON my skin color. LOTS of white men here in Ohio like black women but it's not like they wear a sign.
Now that I think about it I could have tried anyway, the worst he could have said was no, I wasn't wearing any makeup and was just being myself making people laugh and he didn't cringe at the sight of me lol, hopefully I see him again. *sigh*


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