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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Peejet is a MESS LMAO, but he's SMART! He came up with a brilliant plan to get noticed! Photoshop himself into celebrity photos + do silly things = Viral!!

One critique though, he should filter his photos to blend his lighting with the photos so it looks like they're in the same setting. Then again he probably knows how to do that and chooses not to.

Something tells me he likes black women lol Ain't nothing wrong with that!

peejet nick

peejet beyonce

peejet beyon

 peejet bey

Blac Chyna & Nicki Minaj

peejet bn

peejet nik

peejet m

peejet miley

Peep Chris Brown in the top left corner smh
peejet rih

peejet mileyc

peejet ri

He's a damn fool.

peejet kim

peejet o

peejet bj

peejet b



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