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Monday, February 3, 2014

dark skin and red lipstick

Apparently you can only wear bold shades of red lip stain/stick if you have small lips and light skin. If you have dark skin you MUST only wear subtle reds and other colors so as not to bring attention to the fact that you have full lips. Willie lynch syndrome strikes again.

Who are you to tell someone what they can wear? Where are these rules for colors and skin tone, I'd love to find them so I can trash them one by one.  This post stems from my annoyance with the many black women that felt the need to bring out their inner makeup artist and tell the young lady, Rocquelle Porch, who's on the bottom right that red was not her color. Photo from Essence 

fool1 fool2 reason1

Rocquelle saw the comments and posted one of her own.


Some felt they were helping but you have to understand that NO ONE ASKED FOR YOUR UNSOLICITED OPINION. She looked happy didn't she?  Why try to bring her down? Why are you so critical about such menial things?! Are you that bitter than you insist on bashing others just to make yourself feel superior? 



I don't see people criticizing Lupita Nyong'o about her red lips, what's the difference? Lighting?


They're both beautiful dark skin women with bright red lips. Is it because her lips are smaller than Rocquelle's? Are you THAT brainwashed? lol GTFOH

You're free to like whatever you want and look however you please, your appearance is no one's concern, if you feel confident and attractive wearing yellow are you going to avoid it just because someone told you your skin tone, size, etc. makes it looks bad? Think for yourself and never allow anyone to negatively influence you.

Rocquelle Porch posted a response to the criticism here. Her response caused women to speak their mind and I must say I was happy with it, they made good points, most of them anyway.

blog response4

blog response3

blog response2

blog response1

blog response

Look at these beautiful women with red lips.

darkskinredlip1 darkskinredlip2

"Breaking Barriers and Building Confidence!" is the tag-line of ForBrownGirls’ latest ongoing online campaign that invites women with darker skin complexions to submit and showcase a photo of them rocking a red lip ( Since April, the organization has been promoting this project through social media and word of mouth to help put an end to the notion that women of a darker hue don’t look attractive wearing bright colors, in particular, red lipstick. Along with abolishing that stigma, the project will serve as inspiration to any girl or woman who have given into this stereotype and shied away from wearing a red lip. In viewing such images, a darker skinned girl who is hesitant to try a red lip will find the confidence to step out of her comfort zone, disregarding the opinion of anyone else. The project has received much support and we look forward to reaching our goal of having 1,000+ women participate.

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  1. You will want a slip or spanks or something as support with thin dresses. (Not sheer, just thin.) Ultimately, I'm really happy with mine. I wore it to sing with a jazz band, and it was a HUGE hit.


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