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Thursday, February 6, 2014

 Raychillster is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! I came across her Tumblr when I was searching for pictures of black women with blue hair, hoping to find what products they used. As you know I opted for a darker blue, but I'll be trying out her products when I touch up my hair.

Just by observing her posts on Instagram and Tumblr I've learned that she is an artist, photographer and overall strong young woman. She inspires many through her posts, she's a very wise and positive lady. Everyone could use a dose of her energy.

Check her out.

"everyone has their own definition as to what natural hair is and that's fine. i just don't want to be judged for not fitting into anyone else's idea of perfection. my hair is blue, and yes it is still natural. my hair is my crown." -Her caption for the photo below


Her artwork is beautiful



I'm looking forward to the day people aren't so close-minded  and ready to dismiss someone for looking different. Be it tattoos, piercings, hair color, style of dress, etc.


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