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Thursday, February 6, 2014

nicki minaj hair

So many people thought Nicki Minaj was bald, well they can have a seat in the corner because she just shut them DOWN. lol
She removed her blonde wig to show off her natural crown and captioned the photos "No Perm No extensions"
I looked closely at one with her ponytail extended and checked the ends because I knew someone would say it's fake. Looks legit to me!

There's nothing wrong with weaves and it annoys me that people think the ONLY reason people wear them is to have longer hair. That shows they don't know much about hair extensions and their benefits. If I were Nicki I'd wear wigs too if I wanted different hair colors all the time or if I changed my look often and wanted to protect my hair from the tension and stress of styling.

The only thing that confuses me is her "nappy headed hoes need a perminator" lyric. I thought she didn't like natural hair based on that line and it did make me feel some type of way I must admit. I know she was speaking to her haters but sometimes insults can describe a group of people so… I don't know I guess I'd have to ask her.

nicki minaj hair2


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