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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

you think this is a game

Some people are dead serious about Beyonce and I can't stop laughing at the pictures The Beyble posts. They crack me up, the twitter account definitely makes people laugh and others praise her name, but not everyone. I can definitely understand why they're upset, I've scrolled through the tweets and the guy behind the account receives a lot of hate. I can't say how much but I have seen some some pretty nasty tweets.

But for the most part, it's all love. This shouldn't be a big surprise, I mean people call her Beysus.

The Beyble told me privately that "some people take it too literal." So I guess you shouldn't take the pictures below literally, at least not from him.


Beyciple a twist on Disciple, for Beyonce. Here are some of the tweets.

Yes they are praying to Beyonce's poster.

pray to god beyonce


Here are the reactions.

beyble reactions
beyonce superimposed holy bible beyonce
beyonce grammy arrival

surfboard beyonce vine

lord beysus

beyonce scripture

Celebrities thoughts on Beyonce

celebrities and beyonce

beyonce stans drag
beyonce heals cancer patients
 beyonce last supper


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