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Monday, March 31, 2014

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I'm on Stitcher!!! AAAH! I screamed when I found out they accepted my podcast you can listen and download them, even on your phone with the app! (not just for iPhones btw)

  • You can hear my show on Stitcher- Stitcher is radio on demand
  • Download the free app today
  • Listen any(me, anywhere
  • Stitcher is an award-winning free app that let’s you listen to all your favorite show, plus discover from 20,000 news, entertainment and sports show
  • Create custom playlists
  • Over twenty thousand shows to discover
  • Rate and review my show on Stitcher**
  • Available on iOS, Android, Nook, iPad
  • In over 4 million car dashboards
  • On Demand and On the Go
  • No downloading, no syncing, no wasted memory
  • Stream your favorite podcasts
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Episode #4 of the Opinionated KiAnna Podcast, I cover a variety of topics today:

  • Is Kanye West an asshole?
  • Weight loss and Thick vs Skinny rant, Being seen as a sex object
  • Why I hate Natural hair nazis
  • Negropeans < Who made up that bullshit word anyway?
  • Hating your blackness 
  • 2Chainz is this yo thot?
  • Would you slap your mom for $5 billion dollars

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I dyed my hair with ion Color Brilliance Brights in Aqua and the results were perfect, here's my step by step tutorial on the entire bleaching, toning and dyeing process.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I've finally decided on a name for the show 'OPINIONATED KiAnna', because it describes me perfectly.

It started out nice discussing/debating with Correction and soon to be Police Officer Demetri on child rearing and the 13 year old girl that got beat in the street by her father/uncle (I'm not certain which) while her mother called her a bitch and a hoe, smoking around children and then things went downhill fast.
He mentioned Blue (my pit bull) and I snapped, I'll admit it I snapped. I went the hell off baby. You would have thought I'd finished my argument with "It ain't Ralph though!" I had to calm myself down. (see Kanye video below for reference)

  • We agreed on a few things for example: PROSTITUTION SHOULD BE LEGAL (between two consenting adults of course)
  • We disagreed about other things like cyber sex being considered cheating for example
  • Then I schooled him on the 'Small Penis Humiliation' Fetish some men have

Friday, March 21, 2014

I really had to say this...

It's ridiculous how people try to tell you how you view yourself.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#2 Podcast Ratchetness, Disgusting teens, Vybz Kartel and Is Sex overrated? 

I've been asked time and time again to record more interactions with other people, apparently you guys like seeing other humans around me. lol cool 

Well today you can hear me chat with my guest cohost Garfield Reid of  It's Real Talk Live

CLEARLY I was in a good mood in this podcast, I giggled… a lot. Doing these podcasts really makes me want to become the female Howard Stern, you know, making millions to talk uncensored on satellite radio. And then use that exposure to dive into so many other projects. 

Check out Kiannaluv21 podcast, touching on a variety of topics:

  • Two teen girls physically and sexually torture a 16 year old Autistic boy, force him to have sex with an animal
  • Pick and Choose: Would you rather have Bad sex & Wealth or Great Sex & Be Broke
  • Jamaican rapper Vybz Kartel convicted of murder, the thousands of fans defending him & rappers violent lyrics used against them in court
  • The rising glorification of the ratchet lifestyle 
  • Ask KiAnna- Question & Answer Segment (The Friendzone, Podcasts & Ways to Develop your mind)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

  • Lil Boosie released from prison, Jason Weaver's reaction and why black people glorify the hood lifestyle. 
  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 17 where messy Peter confronts Porsha about her divorce from Kordell and how ridiculous the whole situation was.
  • Hot Facebook Mom Maria Kang pisses off the internet yet again with her "What's your excuse?" viral photos and the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight.

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