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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#2 Podcast Ratchetness, Disgusting teens, Vybz Kartel and Is Sex overrated? 

I've been asked time and time again to record more interactions with other people, apparently you guys like seeing other humans around me. lol cool 

Well today you can hear me chat with my guest cohost Garfield Reid of  It's Real Talk Live

CLEARLY I was in a good mood in this podcast, I giggled… a lot. Doing these podcasts really makes me want to become the female Howard Stern, you know, making millions to talk uncensored on satellite radio. And then use that exposure to dive into so many other projects. 

Check out Kiannaluv21 podcast, touching on a variety of topics:

  • Two teen girls physically and sexually torture a 16 year old Autistic boy, force him to have sex with an animal
  • Pick and Choose: Would you rather have Bad sex & Wealth or Great Sex & Be Broke
  • Jamaican rapper Vybz Kartel convicted of murder, the thousands of fans defending him & rappers violent lyrics used against them in court
  • The rising glorification of the ratchet lifestyle 
  • Ask KiAnna- Question & Answer Segment (The Friendzone, Podcasts & Ways to Develop your mind)

Play here:

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