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Sunday, March 23, 2014

I've finally decided on a name for the show 'OPINIONATED KiAnna', because it describes me perfectly.

It started out nice discussing/debating with Correction and soon to be Police Officer Demetri on child rearing and the 13 year old girl that got beat in the street by her father/uncle (I'm not certain which) while her mother called her a bitch and a hoe, smoking around children and then things went downhill fast.
He mentioned Blue (my pit bull) and I snapped, I'll admit it I snapped. I went the hell off baby. You would have thought I'd finished my argument with "It ain't Ralph though!" I had to calm myself down. (see Kanye video below for reference)

  • We agreed on a few things for example: PROSTITUTION SHOULD BE LEGAL (between two consenting adults of course)
  • We disagreed about other things like cyber sex being considered cheating for example
  • Then I schooled him on the 'Small Penis Humiliation' Fetish some men have

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Video of father or uncle mentioned in podcast.

My Baby Blue

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