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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Episode #4 of the Opinionated KiAnna Podcast, I cover a variety of topics today:

  • Is Kanye West an asshole?
  • Weight loss and Thick vs Skinny rant, Being seen as a sex object
  • Why I hate Natural hair nazis
  • Negropeans < Who made up that bullshit word anyway?
  • Hating your blackness 
  • 2Chainz is this yo thot?
  • Would you slap your mom for $5 billion dollars

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Videos and people mentioned in the order presented in the podcast 

Congratulations to my little sister on turning 19 years old!!

Team light skin vs Team Dark skin

2 Chainz #isthisyothot video

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Rosemary by  Robi on sound cloud
Doubts and close by atu n on sound cloud


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